Why 'Law And Order: SVU' Is Absolutely Nothing Without Elliot Stabler

by Ashley Fern

"Law And Order: Special Victims Unit" has become a guilty pleasure (let's be serious — who actually feels guilty about this?)  for people of all ages everywhere. It first hit the small screen back in 1999 and has been building an incredible following ever since.

But what has earned this often disturbing drama such an immense viewership? Probably its two leading roles played by Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni. But as amazing as that relationship was, it saw its end at the commencement of season 12.

Hargitay, Detective Olivia Benson, has been in 352 episodes, while Meloni, Detective Elliot Stabler, has been in 272 episodes.

Back in 2011, after the failure of negotiations over a new contract, Meloni took his talents to the dark side. He broke our hearts when he jumped ship to play vampire Roman on the fifth season of “True Blood” and, honestly, the show has not been the same since.

Meloni's absence from “SVU” has ruined the show. It's just really not the same watching Olivia Benson fight crime without him.

Honestly, if I weren't loyal to her, I'd probably have already given up on the program all together. But I'd never stop watching because once you get hooked on "SVU," there's no turning back, regardless of how bad it may be.

To get you in the mood for this eye-opening post, listen along to the theme song because we know you can already recite it word for word, anyway.

The crossover episodes

This @nbcsvu crossover is a desperate cry for @Chris_Meloni #pleasecomeback #weforgiveyou #svu — Ashley Fern (@disco_infern0) November 13, 2014

Does anyone actually watch "Chicago PD"? Sophia Bush may be the sh*t, but I liked her much better on "One Tree Hill." 

I'm not sure which show was more desperate for this crossover to happen, but hopefully it never happens again -- this is just painful. 

The new actors

Hey, Sandy Cohen, go back to "The OC"! Why is Peter Gallagher on the show? I'll tell you why: to distract us with another guy they hope will replace our adoration for Stabler.

You bring in this guy everybody knows, and loves, as a distraction, but I'm calling BS on that because you aren't distracting anybody from the real problem.

The fact that Stabler and Benson never got to act on their sexual tension

This is just rude. We held on season after season after season and the inevitable just never happened.

You could cut the that sexual tension with a knife, and now we'll never know what could've played out between Elliott and Olivia. Guess we'll just have to use our imaginations...

The terrible sexual chemistry that is supposed to replace Stabler and Benson's

Exhibit A:

Really? REALLY?! This is the only "relationship" that's supposed to keep us interested? These two have absolutely no chemistry together whatsoever.  

Benson and Stabler's sexual chemistry is unparalleled, so stop trying to make it happen

How did you think people who watched the show for over 10 years would feel when you replaced the above relationship with Rollins and Amaro's? They are going to be pissed...

Olivia is basically a miserable woman without her beloved partner

What happened to the sympathetic Benson we've all grown so accustomed to seeing? Stabler broke her damn heart, and now she's the worst cop all of the time. This isn't the woman we were used to! Maybe her new position has really gotten to her head. 

The desperate live-tweeting of episodes

Brilliant scene. Fantastic performances. Wow. @TheKelliGiddish and @TheDannyPino. #SVUTacklesDV #WalkingDeadOnSVU — Mariska Hargitay (@Mariska) November 20, 2014

Since people are still watching, despite everything you've put us through, can you at least not give them another reason to give up on you guys?

The live-tweeting is ridiculous; why are we watching the television when we could just be watching from our phones during happy hour instead?

So, in conclusion...

So are we Amanda, so are we...