Two Birds, One Stone: Wine Ice Cream Is Every Girl's Dream Come True

by Ashley Fern

There are certain holistic remedies every girl uses when she just can't even with life, but today, we encountered a complete and utter game-changer.

What is the best way to heal any sort of sorrow you are feeling? Wine and a pint of ice cream, of course!

And here is the creation blending these two amazing things together. Yes, wine ice cream is very real, but currently only available at Mercer's Ice Cream in upstate New York or one of these locations.

You may think these are just wine-flavored desserts, but no, the ice cream has a 5 percent alcohol content.

The wine ice cream comes in seven different flavors: Riesling, Cherry Merlot, Spiced, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Port and Red Raspberry Chardonnay.

Chocolate Cabernet, for your most recent heartache.

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Doesn't that just look delectable?

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This is my personal favorite.

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Here is a great close-up.

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