The 22 Things That Perfectly Describe Every Post-Grad's Relationship With Gchat

by Ashley Fern

Gchat is the AIM for adults, the iChat to our post-grad lives. It's something that annoys us, but something we could never do without. I mean, seriously, what are people supposed to do at work without Gchat? You mean actually be productive? Ugh.

This gift from God (aka Google) serves as a way to communicate with your friends without staring at your phone all day long. It's right there on your computer and basically blends into whatever work you have for the day. Your bosses hopefully won't catch on to what you're doing, but come on, they weren't born yesterday. It's all in the discretion here, people!

Gchat: We can't live with it and most certainly can't live without it. Let's look into the love/hate relationship we all have with Gchat.

1. LOVE: The Majority Of Your Friends Have It

Well, this is just amazing, isn't it?! We have all our friends on this easily accessible list. Just click and communicate! Voilà!

2. HATE: When People Message You While You're Super Busy

Jesus! Don't you people understand I'm at work and can't be bothered? I don't care that we speak all day, every day. You should be able to know that, in this very moment, I am buried in work.

3. LOVE: It Looks Like You're Sending Important Emails

Look how important I am, sending all these emails! Too bad no one realizes I'm actually talking to my guy friend about the stage-five clinger he hit it and quit it with over the weekend.

4. HATE: Not Knowing Whether A Person Is Actually Away Or Just Away

You can't just change your little circle to red! We know you're not always away. Do us all a favor and help avoid the confusion by just going invisible!

5. LOVE: Great Way To Keep In Touch With Friends

It doesn't matter what part of the country your friends live in -- Gchat knows no boundaries. The amount of time you and your friend who lives all the way in DC spend talking, you would think you spent every single day together, which, in some way, you actually do.

6. HATE: Your One Best Friend Doesn't Have It

What do you mean your company doesn't let you Gchat? What kind of oppressed place is this?!

7. LOVE: You Look Really Productive Typing That Long Essay About Your Breakup

Your boss may think you're on a roll, virtually typing for hours on end without even a bathroom break, but little does he know, you're just divulging the events of your latest breakup in fragments and poorly punctuated sentences.

8. HATE: When Your Company Catches On

Some companies have a zero tolerance policy with online social media, and yes, Gchat counts. Say goodbye to your friends, as the next time you will speak to them is after or before work hours. #SucksToSuck

9. AWKWARD & CONFUSING: When The Guy You're Hooking Up With Asks For Your Gchat

Uh, this is so confusing… Why are we having a "hey," "what's up," "NMJC, you?" conversation in our 20s? Gchat is reserved for people you talk to on the reg, like your besties, not the boy you'll probably keep around for a month or so. Don't lie, though, you find it secretly flattering.

10. HATE: When You Realize Your Boss Can Probably Read Everything You're Saying

Please! If that were true, you'd definitely have been fired by now… right?

11. HATE: Sending Your Friends NSFW Links And Thinking It's Okay And Vice Versa

At least you can read the URLs to double check!

12. LOVE: Distractions All Day

Sometimes you need a break from the stress of the work day! That is exactly the purpose Gchat serves.

13. HATE: When People Log Off With No Warning And You Were Typing Something

Where the hell did you go? I needed to rant to you about what just happened in my office! Ugh, now I'm going to have to wait two hours to text you. Life is so hard...

14. LOVE: You Can Block People

You know those people who just can't seem to get the hint that you're busy? Well, lucky for you, there's a blocking option! Chances are this oblivious person won't even notice you blocked him or her in the first place, left thinking that you're just taking some time off Gchat.

15. HATE: When Some People Log Off At 5 And Your List Gets Significantly Smaller While You Work Until 6

Nine to five? People actually work from nine to five? I thought that was just in the movies? Now who am I supposed to talk to?!

16. LOVE & HATE: Group Chats

These are great when everyone has some free time, but as soon as one person is super busy at work, the group chat dies.

17. HATE: When Someone Just Straight-Up Doesn't Respond

I know you're at your computer; I know you got my message, but for some reason, you're just not responding. At least give the "CT" (can't talk) and shed some light on this dilemma.

18. LOVE: It's A Good Way To Talk Sh*t About The Person Next To You

Venting: everyone's favorite pastime, or as other people like to call it, "talking sh*t in an excusable way."

19. HATE: The Annoying Coworker Who Obsessively Gchats With You

If you want to chat, meet me in the kitchen or by the copy machine! Literally, you are down the hall. Just come over to my cubicle if you have something to say.

20. HATE: When Your Go-To Gchatter Is Out Sick For The Day

What do you mean you're sick?! There are no sick days in the real world! Get your ass on Gchat, pronto!

21. HATE: When Someone's Circle Is Red And You Can't Decide If You Should Chat Them Anyway Or If They Actually Want To Be Left Alone

Well, what do you have to lose by sending a message, anyway? I mean, the worst that will happen is he or she just doesn't answer. That's fine, we can live with that.

22. THE WORST: Getting A Gchat Message When Your Boss Is Looking At Your Screen


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