Ridiculous Thoughts A Girl Has When A Guy Isn't Texting Her Back

by Ashley Fern

An unanswered text message is basically the equivalent of an anxiety attack in 2014. Most people have their phones within arm's reach for probably 99 percent of any day (every day), which explains why people get so offended when someone is clearly and deliberately snubbing them.

But there is a hefty sum of people out there who don't consider cell phones another extremity and, as a result, will take ample time to craft a response.

That doesn't mean these people aren't interested in you, but rather, they have lives of their own that aren't completely pivoted around the use of technological devices.

So instead of getting angry at that, maybe you should try to embrace the fact that they would rather be out living their lives than relaying them over social media channels.

Sure, this sounds rational and easy, but when push comes to shove, this isn't how anyone is thinking.

Our minds create the worst-case scenario possible and we feel no relief until we actually get that response we've been yearning for. Pathetic? Yes. Accurate? Most definitely.

These are the 55 crazy thoughts that race through a girl's head when the guy she's texting is taking his sweet time to answer:

1. He's definitely ignoring me on purpose.

2. Who is he f*cking?!

3. Maybe he didn't get my message?

4. Maybe he lost his phone?

5. Nope, he just liked a picture on Instagram — he definitely has his phone.

6. Is it because I'm ugly?

7. I'm better looking than he is, WTF!

8. Maybe he's playing hard to get?

9. Maybe I should?

10. Nah, where's the fun in that?

11. Should I text him again?

12. What about a Snapchat to get his attention?

13. Why are his three best friends on Snapchat girls?!

14. He's definitely seeing other people.

15. I wonder which one of these girls he's slept with.

16. Maybe he's taking a nap?

17. Should I take a nap?

18. Maybe if I do then I will wake up to a response.

19. Did I come on too strong?

20. ...Or not strong enough?

21. He hates me.

22. Why does this always happen?

23. Most people have their phones in their hands 24/7.

24. I know he saw it.

25. It's 2014 — my message clearly got delivered, it even says it!!!

26. Am I too intimidating?

27. Again — who else is he sleeping with?!

28. Maybe he's in the shower?

29. Who takes this long to shower?

30. I guess I do... but I'm a girl!

31. Maybe he's jerking off?

32. But I could be doing that for him.

33. I wonder if he's thinking of me naked.

34. Doubt it, then he'd definitely be responding.

35. Assh*le.

36. Maybe he's on the phone?

37. What bitch is he calling?

38. Probably that girl who just wrote on his Facebook.

39. She's not even that pretty.

40. OK, fine, she's actually really hot.

41. He could be at the gym.

42. Sh*t, should I go to the gym?

43. Why couldn't we just work each other out? It's so much more fun...

44. Who exercises when it's 28 degrees outside?!

45. Maybe he's just doing work?

46. Should I just call him?

47. Maybe I should do a casual walk-by-his-place-to-see-if-he's-home?

48. Damn it, it's raining; screw that.

49. Wow, I sound crazy.

50. Oh well, it happens to the best of us, doesn't it?

51. WTF is going on?

52. I thought we had a great time the other night?

53. I guess I was the only one who thought so?

54. Whatever, he lost his chance; I'm over it.