I Tried...

I tried Kendall Jenner's Peaches and Cream Smoothie at Erewhon.
What A 🍑

An Honest Review Of Kendall Jenner’s Peaches & Cream Smoothie

Hailey Bieber's bestie is coming for her Erewhon crown.

By Rachel Chapman
I tried Starbucks' secret menu 'Bridgerton' tea from TikTok.
Burning Up?

I Tried Starbucks' 'Bridgerton' Tea & The Secret Menu Drink Is $$$

Getting a taste of the Ton ahead of Polin’s season.

By Rachel Chapman
Starbucks released new ready-to-drink beverages and I tried the new Frappuccino flavors.
That's That Me Espresso

I Tried Starbucks' New RTD Oatmilk Frappuccino & Cold Brew Flavors

More options for those on-the-go girlies.

By Rachel Chapman
I tried Hailey Bieber's Cosmic Bliss Strawberry Glaze Soft Serve.
Sundae Best

I Tried Hailey Bieber's Cosmic Bliss Strawberry Glaze Ice Cream

She’s done it again.

By Rachel Chapman
BEVERLY HILLS - JANUARY 7: Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift at the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards, air...
You Can Make Me A Drink

Taste-Testing The Tay-Tini, Taylor Swift's Twist On A Cosmopolitan

NGL, it’s dangerously good.

By Rachel Chapman
I tried Starbucks' new Summer-Berry Refreshers ahead of their May 7 launch.
It’s Blue, The Feeling I've Got

I Tried Starbucks' New Refreshers, Including The Summer Skies Drink

Wait, is that... boba???

By Rachel Chapman
That Morning Coffee, Brewed It For Ya

Dunkin's New Summer Menu Items, Ranked

The viral Blueberry Donut Iced Coffee actually had a surprising flavor.

By Rachel Chapman
Zayn Malik holding his Mixoloshe Lychee Martini.
Food & Drink

I Tried 7 Of Zayn's Mixoloshe Mocktails (OMG, The Lychee Martini)

The perfect way to celebrate Room Under the Stairs month.

By Rachel Chapman
Starbucks has new cold brew and iced coffee blends for making drinks at home.
Starbucks Lovers

I Tried Starbucks' New Iced Coffee Blends For At-Home Brewing

It’s cold drink szn.

By Rachel Chapman
I Tried An Ice Bath & Cryotherapy Is Not For The Weak
Chill Out

A Play-By-Play Of An Ice Bath From A Girl With Zero Pain Tolerance

I think I found my new personality trait.

By Mia Sherin
Sip Like An A-Lister

I Tried The Chamberlain Coffee X 818 Espresso Martini Kit & I'm Buzzing

What a brew-tiful collab.

By Rachel Chapman
I tried the Sabrina Carpenter "Espresso" Vanilla Rose Latte from Alfred Coffee.
That's That Me Espresso

I Tried Sabrina Carpenter's Espresso Vanilla Rose Latte & I Have Mixed Thoughts

“That morning coffee, brewed it for ya.”

By Rachel Chapman
This Is The Way

Here’s How TruMoo’s 'Star Wars' Blue Milk Compares To Disneyland’s

The out-of-this-galaxy drink is now available in grocery stores.

By Rachel Chapman
Here's what you need to know about Starbucks' new Spicy Lemonade Refreshers.
Hot Girl Spring

I Tried Starbucks' Spicy Lemonade Refreshers & Spicy Cream Cold Foam

These cold drinks are coming in hot 🔥🔥🔥

By Jillian Giandurco
Ryan Gosling as Ken in 'Barbie' to show how TruFlex is meant to give reallyyy toned abs.

I Tried TruFlex, The Celeb-Loved Hack For Getting Ken-Like Abs

Each session mimics 54,000 (!) crunches.

By Lara Walsh
I Tried Olivia Rodrigo’s 'GUTS' Crumbl Cookie & I'm So Obsessed
I'm So Obsessed

I *Finally* Got To Try Olivia Rodrigo's 'GUTS' Crumbl Cookie

Livies, prepare to be rocked.

By Kaitlin Cubria