I Tried...

A review of Dan Levy's lemon basil margarita recipe

Dan Levy's Fav Lemon Basil Margarita Recipe Is The Opposite Of Ew, David

With a few tweaks, it’s the perfect summer sipper.

By Ani Bundel
Belly and the margaritas in The Summer I Turned Pretty

This Recipe For 'The Summer I Turned Pretty's Pomegranate Marg Is A Game-Changer

Unlike Belly, please drink responsibly.

By Madeleine Janz
A review of Kourtney Kardashian's matcha latte

I Made Kourtney Kardashian's Matcha Latte For An Extra Morning Poosh

And it's only three ingredients!

By Dylan Kickham

I Did A Deep Dive Into The 'Selling Sunset' Empanadas — And Spoke To Emma Herself

Spoiler alert: I tasted them, and they actually kinda slap.

By Madeleine Janz

Emma Chamberlain’s Pea Soup Recipe Is Perfect For Spring

She claims to not be a cooking pro, but this recipe says otherwise.

By Sarah Halle Corey
Food Stuff

JVN Tasted Olive Oil Out Of A Wine Glass, So I Tried It Too

I trust him with my life.

By Ani Bundel
Investigative Cooking

I Made Anna's 'Woman In The House' Casserole And I Get The Obsession

No dishes were harmed in the making of this recipe.

By Dylan Kickham

I Copied Lizzo's Oreos And Mustard TikTok... And Mistakes Were Made

This was certainly a choice.

By Brandy Robidoux
Holiday Baking (Taylor's Version)

It's Time To Bring Back Taylor Swift's Beloved Holiday Cookie Recipe

Because Tay is in her throwback era.

By Sarah Halle Corey

Kourtney K’s Cornbread Recipe Is What I’m Thankful For This Holiday Szn

It’s gluten-free and dairy-free, but still full of flavor.

By Rachel Varina

This Treacle Tart Recipe Would Make Harry Potter So Proud

Accio dessert.

By Rachel Varina

I Woke Up At 5 A.M. Thanks To An Emma Chamberlain Video

Spoiler alert: I'm still tired.

By Umber Bhatti

I Made The 'Schitt's Creek' Enchiladas And Learned To "Fold In The Cheese"

Here's what you do: You just fold it in.

By Dylan Kickham

This Carrot Dip Recipe From Lizzo's TikTok Is 100% Delish

All the rumors are true.

By Rachel Varina

Khloé K's Favorite Home Workout ​May Change My Butt Forever

The DB Method is no joke.

By Julia Guerra

This Recipe For Ted Lasso's Biscuits Is Easy And Delicious

He doesn't reveal his recipe on the show, but this one is fair game.

By Dylan Kickham