The Weeknd in his new "Sacrifice" music video from 'Dawn FM'

15 Catchy Lyrics From The Weeknd's Dawn FM To Use As IG Captions

Every song makes me want to dance.

The Weeknd is starting 2022 with a bang. On Friday, Jan. 7, he dropped his highly-anticipated fifth studio album, Dawn FM, which he’s been teasing since the release of his single “Take My Breath” in August 2021. The 16-track record includes a number of surprise guests, like Jim Carrey, who helps narrate the album as a radio host. Fans can also hear Lil Wayne on “I Heard You’re Married” and Tyler, The Creator on "Here We Go... Again,” which fans think is about The Weeknd’s rumored relationship with Angelina Jolie. Since Dawn FM is filled with nothing but certified bops, I thought it’d be a good idea to round up the best lyrics throughout the project that would make for catchy Instagram captions. If you’re in need of some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Dawn FM arrives nearly two years after The Weeknd released his previous album, After Hours, in March 2020. The record brought hits like “Blinding Lights,” “In Your Eyes,” and “Save Your Tears,” so fans couldn’t wait to hear what the star had planned next. He gave a sneak peek at his follow-up project with the release of “Take My Breath” last summer. The song peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was used for an Olympics promo video.

Five months later, The Weeknd finally unveiled his Dawn FM album on Jan. 7. If you’ve had it on repeat since it came out, here are the best lyrics off the record to use when you’re in need of catchy IG captions.

  1. “Just wrap my body in these sheets and pour out the gasoline. It don't mean much to me.” — From “Gasoline”
  2. “How do I make you want me and make it last eternally?” — From “How Do I Make You Love Me?”
  3. “I can light you up again like embers of a fire.” — From “How Do I Make You Love Me?”
  4. “I know temptation is the devil in disguise. You risk it all to feel alive.” — From “Take My Breath Away”
  5. “Every time you try to fix me, I know you'll never find that missing piece.” — From “Sacrifice”
  6. “Baby, I'll treat you right and I'll love you like I shoulda loved you all the time.” — From “Out Of Time”
  7. “Baby girl, she a movie star. I told myself that I'd never fall, but here we go again.” — From “Here We Go Again”
  8. “Life's a dream ‘cause it's never what it seems.” — From “Here We Go Again”
  9. “Oh, I don't want to be responsible for your heart if we fall ‘cause I'll get clumsy and tear it apart.” — From “Best Friends”
  10. “I swear I changed my ways for the better, the better ‘cause I wanna be with you forever, forever.” — From “Is There Someone Else?”
  11. “Let me love you like you need and I'll make it make it my responsibility.” — From “Starry Eyes”
  12. “You snatch my soul, I'm crucified. I feel paralyzed. I'm so mesmerized by you.” — From “Don’t Break My Heart”
  13. “Your number in my phone, I'm gon' delete it. Girl, I'm way too grown for that deceivin'.” — From “I Heard You’re Married”
  14. “Now I'm sure you have your issues and your reasons, but why you even with him if you're cheatin'?” — From “I Heard You’re Married”
  15. Remember I was your hero, yeah. I'd wear your heart like a symbol.” — From “Less Than Zero”

The Weeknd’s Dawn FM is now streaming.