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Taylor Swift Dominated Spotify Wrapped 2023 For Elite Daily Editors

We listened to nearly 50,000 minutes of Taylor’s music this year.

‘Tis the damn Spotify Wrapped season, and unsurprisingly, Taylor Swift topped a ton of music lovers’ lists this year. And yes, that includes pretty much everyone at Elite Daily. Swift was easily the most-streamed artist among the Elite Daily editors, who listened to her music for nearly 50,000 minutes throughout 2023. Yes, that’s over a full month of nonstop Swiftie jams. Here’s how that happened.

It’s no secret the Elite Daily team has been obsessed with Swift all year, from closely monitoring her globetrotting Eras Tour to picking apart the subtle changes on her re-release of Speak Now and the meanings behind her 1989 (Taylor’s Version) vault tracks. So it wasn’t really a shock when Spotify Wrapped rolled around on Nov. 29 and exposed all of us as hardcore Swifties.

And we are far from alone. Swift was actually Spotify’s most streamed artist of 2023, the app confirmed, racking up over 26 billion streams since Jan. 1. Here’s how everyone here at Elite Daily spent their year with Swift’s music.

The Late-In-Life Swiftie

Minutes listened: 539 minutes

Swiftie stat: Top 10% fan

“I’m a late-in-life Swiftie as of late 2022, so seeing Taylor as my No. 1 artist this year isn’t super surprising since I’ve been playing catch-up, especially in October, of course. I mostly listen to Spotify in the car using my husband’s phone, and he had 545 minutes of Taylor. So, 1,084 minutes is probably more accurate.” — Michelle Toglia, executive editor

The Hyperfixator

Minutes listened: 6,129 minutes

Swiftie stat: Top 2% fan

“I honestly thought my fan status would be higher because I’m constantly listening to Taylor Swift (6,129 minutes translates to about four and a half days). But I did hyperfixate on a few other artists throughout this past year — Zach Bryan, Noah Kahan, and Hozier — which explains why I’m not quite where I thought I’d be.” — Hannah Kerns, staff writer

The 1989 Stan

Minutes listened: 1,183 minutes

Swiftie stat: Top 5% fan

“The nostalgia is always so real for me. Year over year, my Spotify Wrapped is usually filled with songs and artists from the ‘90s and ‘00s. (*NSYNC was actually one of my top 5 artists of 2023.) But I’m not surprised Taylor Swift snuck in there — as my No. 1 top artist, no less — because “Cruel Summer” (my top song) was definitely on repeat throughout all the seasons, and 1989 has always been my favorite era. With 1989 (Taylor’s Version)’s end-of-October release date, the nostalgia was extra real, so that has been prettyyy much the only album I’ve listened to for the past month. Side note: I can’t believe she gatekept “Is It Over Now?” and “Now That We Don’t Talk” all this time!” — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences & style

The Vault Streamer

Minutes listened: 2,540 minutes

Swiftie stat: Top 4% fan

“My top song of the whole year is “Is It Over Now?,” which is impressive considering it’s been out for *checks notes* one month. But it’s the perfect get-back-at-your-ex track, and I think it’s an accurate representation of my water-heavy birth chart. Other Taylor bops that made my top songs list: “Now That We Don’t Talk,” “Last Kiss” (my overdramatic high school self would be proud of that one), “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve,” and “Vigilante Sh*t.” I will always love a revenge song.” — Sarah Ellis, senior editor, entertainment & dating

Still Not Over Midnights

#3 Top Artist

“Miley Cyrus took my top spot this year, but Taylor was right behind her... and I’m not shocked by that. My most played song? The criminally underrated “Midnight Rain,” which will probably also be on my 2024 Wrapped if we’re being real. Other Swiftie jams filling out my top songs of the year include “Is It Over Now?” (THEE vault bop from 1989), “Delicate” (it’s Reputation szn, after all), and “Cornelia Street” (sorry, that’s just always going to be on my most-played list no matter the year).” — Dylan Kickham, associate editor, entertainment

The Super Swiftie

Minutes listened: 23,338 minutes

Swiftie stat: Top 0.1% fan

“I’m not shocked at all to see Taylor as my top artist of the year. Looking back on 2023, it was filled with so many Taylor memories, from the tour to going to the Eras Tour movie premiere. My top song of 2023 was “Maroon,” which was one of my surprise songs at the Eras Tour in New York City. I also got “The 1” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid” (another one of my surprise songs in Los Angeles) in my top five. I’m excited (and surprised) to see that I was in the top 0.1% of listeners for Taylor since I used Apple Music a lot this year before switching over to just Spotify in September. Maybe that just means in 2024, I’ll be a top 0.01% fan.” — Rachel Chapman, staff writer

The Recent Convert

Minutes listened: 14,468 minutes

Swiftie stat: Top 0.5% fan

“Taylor being my top artist of the year isn’t surprising. But what is surprising to me is that I am in the top 0.5% of fans, considering that Midnights was my Swiftie entry point — I’ve only really been obsessed for a year. My number one song was “…Ready For It?” because I am a Reputation girlie through and through. To see that I listened to it 73 times actually feels kind of low, so I need to work on that — I’m sure that the forthcoming Reputation (Taylor’s Version) will help with that next year (IMO, we’re getting it in February). And of course, the most surprising thing of all is that my second most listened to artist was Minnz Piano, who literally just does piano covers of Taylor songs.” — Hayley Schueneman, newsletter editor

The Whore 4 Folklore

#1 Top Artist

“To no one’s surprise, Taylor was my most listened to artist of the year, with folklore and folklore (deluxe version) taking up *two* of my top three most listened-to albums. At the second spot? Midnights. IDK, I don’t have to pretend I like acid rock!” — Celina Khorma, senior social media strategist