There are lots of wild dating shows to watch in between seasons of 'Love Is Blind.'
These Dating Shows Will Tide You Over Until Love Is Blind Comes Back

Here's how to feed your trashy reality TV obsession.

Each season of Love Is Blind ends with a mixture of hope and heartbreak, as rapidly-engaged couples decide whether they should give their connection a shot by getting married, or leave their partner devastated at the altar. But the real heartbreak is fans who have to say goodbye to all the delicious, unhinged drama they’ve been lapping up for the past month. Never fear — as you enter the waiting period for a new season of Love Is Blind, there are plenty of other truly ridiculous dating shows that will easily fill the time.

It’s so easy to fall down the Love Is Blind rabbit hole. Each season has had more unexpected drama than the last, from jaw-dropping secret girlfriend reveals to engaged couples getting completely edited out. The only problem is there’s about a half a year to wait between seasons, where you can’t really get your Love Is Blind fix anymore.

If you’re drawn to the over-the-top concept and unpredictable drama of the show that sets it apart from its tamer alternatives like The Bachelor, these are the wildest dating shows that you’ll love diving into as you wait for the pods to reopen.

The Ultimatum

Just when you thought Love Is Blind was a wild idea, its sister series The Ultimatum is arguably even more chaotic. Inspired by hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s own relationship risk, the series forces struggling couples to experiment with someone else, then come back together and decide to either get engaged or break up. Yeah, it creates some pretty scandalous scenarios.

The Ultimatum is streaming on Netflix.

Couple to Throuple

You thought the two-people relationships on Love Is Blind were drama? Well, guess what happens when you throw a third into the mix. In Couple to Throuple, four couples interested in polyamory choose from a group of open-minded singles to expand their relationships.

Couple to Throuple is streaming on Peacock.

90 Day Fiancé

Love Is Blind couples only have a few weeks to get to know one another before their weddings. It’s something they have in common with 90 Day Fiancé, TLC’s juggernaut reality hit that follows couples where an international partner has applied for citizenship through a visa. Due to the rules of the process, this new couple must get married within three months or citizenship won’t be granted.

90 Day Fiancé is available to watch on TLC’s website. Select seasons are also streaming on Hulu.

Married at First Sight

Probably the show most similar to Love Is Blind (they’ve even almost shared contestants), Married at First Sight is even more extreme — skipping over the engagement entirely as strangers are paired by relationship experts and get married upon first meeting. The show follows these couples for the first two months of their marriage, ending with their decision to either stay together or get divorced.

Married at First Sight is available to watch on Lifetime’s website.

Naked Attraction
Channel 4

In the Love Is Blind pods you are prevented from seeing anyone, but it’s very much the opposite on Naked Attraction. The British dating series pushes the importance of physical attraction to the extreme, as one person must choose between six naked singles as they gradually reveal more and more of their bodies. And yes, everything is shown.

Naked Attraction is available to stream on Max.

MILF Manor

A lot of dating shows push the limits of taboo, but nothing comes close to MILF Manor. The series puts a group of 40- to 60-year-old women in a mansion with a group of younger men to form romantic connections. But the bombshell drops in episode one: The men are all the sons of the women. Yeah... things get awkward.

MILF Manor is available on TLC’s website.

FBOY Island

Weeding out the f-boys is an important skill on Love Is Blind, but it’s a game-changing one on FBOY Island. The series presents three woman with a large group of men, but warns them that half of these guys are f-boys who are only interested in getting to the end of the competition to take the money and run. It’s up to the women to find their true romantic connection, and hope he’s being for real.

FBOY Island is available to watch on The CW’s website.

Dated & Related

What’s one way to make going on a dating show even more awkward? Going on it with your sibling. In Dated & Related, it’s a family affair as groups of siblings live together and try to form romantic pairings with the rest of the group.

Dated & Related is streaming on Netflix.

Are You The One?

Wouldn’t dating just be so much easier if someone told you who your perfect match is? You’d think so, but Are You the One? proves things can still get messy. The series puts a group of singles in a house, with the promise that their perfect partner (as chosen by relationship experts) is also in the house. The name of the game is to figure out who that is... even if you might not like the answer.

Are You the One? is available to stream on Paramount+.

Perfect Match

If you’ve already watched pretty much every dating show on Netflix, then it’s time to hit play on Perfect Match. The universe-colliding dating competition brings together standout contestants from the network’s catalogue of reality TV to see which random pairings ignite some sparks. Oh yeah, and Love Is Blind stars are always heavily featured.

Perfect Match is streaming on Netflix.