The CW saved 'FBoy Island' after HBO Max canceled it, and picked up the spinoff 'FGirl Island' as we...

FBoy Island Has Been Saved & Now FGirl Island Is Coming Too

Thank FGod!!


You just can’t keep the FBoys down. A few months after HBO Max canceled FBoy Island, The CW threw the reality dating series a life vest, and the network is even going to bring some FGirls into the mix. Here are all the details about FBoy Island’s big move to The CW, along with its new spinoff show FGirl Island.

FBoy Island first premiered on HBO Max in the summer of 2021, hooking viewers with a delicious new twist on reality dating shows. The series centered on three women who date a large group of men, half of which are there to find love, while the other half are self-described “FBoys” who are only there for a cash prize at the end. Though it only lasted two seasons on HBO’s streaming platform, FBoy Island became known for its never-ending bevy of twists, including disclosing each contestants “FBoy” or “Nice Guy” status early, bringing back previously eliminated contestants, and even a finale fake-out with the prize money.

But sadly, FBoy Island fell victim to HBO Max’s cancel spree at the end of 2022, with the streamer not renewing the show for a third season. That only lasted for a few months, though. On May 2, The CW picked up FBoy Island Season 3, as well as a new gender-swapped spinoff FGirl Island.

The show’s official Instagram account shared when the new season and spinoff would be making their CW premieres. FBoy Island Season 3 will start airing this fall, with FGirl Island coming sometime in 2024.

Comedian Nikki Glaser confirmed she’ll return as host, writing on Instagram, “I’m the luckiest little reality show host in the world.”

Season 3 of FBoy Island will still feature three women and a group of 26 men, while FGirl Island will flip the script and star three men who have to try to discern the FGirls from the “Nice Girls” in a group of 24 women. The casts have not been announced yet, but with the show’s penchant for bringing back memorable contestants, it wouldn’t be too shocking if some familiar faces returned for another shot at love... or at an $100,000 prize.