HBO Max canceled 'FBoy Island,' but its producers are shopping it to other streamers.

HBO Max Canceled FBoy Island, But It Might Live On

There's still hope for the FBoys.


HBO Max has dumped FBoy Island. The reality dating show with a deceptive twist won’t be returning to the streamer for a third season, but it may swim ashore somewhere else. Even though HBO Max canceled FBoy Island, there’s a promising report about the show’s potential future fans should know about.

FBoy Island exposed toxic men for two seasons on HBO Max, until the streaming service announced it would not return for Season 3 on Dec. 5. The show, hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, centered on three women who dated a large group of men living together in a tropical locale. However, the twist was that half of these men self-identified as “FBoys,” who only came on the show to manipulate the women and take the $100,000 grand prize if picked in the end, while the other half were “Nice Guys,” who would split the cash prize with the woman who picked them. The series was also notable for employing an endless barrage of twists, constantly bringing back former contestants or exposing contestants’ “FBoy” or “Nice Guy” statuses sooner than expected.

It really was a show where viewers never knew what would happen next, and true to that spirit, FBoy Island isn’t just passively accepting its cancellation.


After HBO Max’s announcement, Deadline reported that FBoy Island’s production company STXalternative has been in talks with other networks to potentially bring a third season of the show elsewhere.

Although the series was reportedly incredibly successful for HBO Max, this cancellation isn’t all too shocking. The fate of HBO Max’s original shows have been up in the air since Warner Bros. announced plans to merge the streamer with Discovery+ earlier this year. Because of this, a large chunk of HBO Max originals were canceled in 2022, and unscripted series like FBoy Island were at particularly high risk since Discovery+ focuses heavily on its own unscripted library.

Unfortunately for FBoy Island, this cancellation seems to be a case of right show, but wrong network. On the bright side, that could be a great selling point to entice other studios to pick up the series now that it’s without a home. Won’t someone please take care of these poor, defenseless FBoys?