Marshall Glaze revealed which of his 'Love Is Blind' co-stars will attend his wedding to Chay Barnes...

Marshall Glaze Is Inviting These Love Is Blind Co-Stars To His Wedding

He’s leaving a couple castmates off the guest list.

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Marshall was drowning in drama on Season 4 of Love Is Blind, but now he’s cheersing to a romantic future with his new fiancée, Chay Barnes. And the happy couple has the perfect sip to toast with: the new “Love Is Wine” chardonnay from Cupcake Vineyards. As Marshall rings in his recent engagement with golden goblet-approved wine, he’s also dishing on which of his co-stars he’s planning to invite to his upcoming wedding... and which ones won’t be getting a save-the-date.

“I want it to be a Season 4 star-studded wedding,” Marshall tells Elite Daily of his nuptials. The Love Is Blind contestant began dating nurse practitioner Chay shortly after filming Season 4 in 2022. On Dec. 23, 2023, the couple got engaged, and they’re currently in the early stages of wedding planning. All the details aren’t worked out yet, but Marshall already knows who’s going to be on the guest list.

Zack and Bliss [Goytowski] are definitely the ones who I’m close with, along with Brett [Brown] and Kwame [Appiah],” Marshall says. “And of course, Tiffany [Brown] and Chelsea [Appiah] are always there as well. And I run into Paul [Peden] at the gym pretty regularly. Every single one of them is getting a wedding invitation.”

But there are two Season 4 stars Marshall is not inviting to his big day: Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas. “They will not be getting an invitation,” the groom-to-be puts plainly.


Marshall was briefly engaged to Jackie on Love Is Blind, before they ended things in an explosive argument, and Jackie started dating Josh shortly afterward. By the end of 2023, Jackie and Josh had broken up — a development that did not come as a surprise to Marshall.

“It was bound to happen,” Marshall says of Jackie and Josh’s breakup. “I don’t like how the internet treated them because breakups are real. But she just kept digging a hole for herself, and now she found out that people are not as nice as she would like them to be. But regardless, I don’t think that they deserved that kind of negative reception when they broke up.”

As Marshall leaves that drama in his past, he’s looking toward a celebratory future as part of the Netflix and Cupcake Vineyards “Love Is Wine” chardonnay announcement. The new wine, which has notes of butter and fruits, comes in a golden bottle that replicates Love Is Blind’s signature goblets. To reveal the collab, Marshall reentered the infamous pods for a promo video... something that was pretty emotionally charged.


“I didn’t expect to see a fully fleshed-out pod; it looked the same as when I was there years ago,” Marshall says of recently shooting the announcement. “It definitely brought up some emotions. I’m in a different place in my life now, so going back there, it drummed up some old feelings. But I had Micah, Bartise, and Taylor there to help soak in that experience.”

Marshall and Chay’s wedding date is still TBD, but you can order your own “Love Is Wine” chardonnay on Cupcake Vineyards’ website starting Feb. 1 — just in time to sip as you watch Love Is Blind Season 6 starting Feb. 14 on Netflix.

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