Jackie and Josh from 'Love Is Blind' Season 4

Are Jackie & Josh Together After Love Is Blind?

TikTok found a clue.


On April 4, Love Is Blind announced that Season 4’s reunion will stream live on Netflix on April 16. In other words, fans of the show won’t have any verified updates on any of the couples until then. But that hasn’t stopped curiosity... and expert-level snooping from fans. After watching Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze call off their engagement — oh, and Jackie’s kiss with Josh Demas while all the other women were shopping for wedding dresses (!!) — there have been a lot of questions about Jackie and Josh’s current relationship status. Here’s what to know so far.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses moments up to and throughout Episode 9 of Love Is Blind Season 4. A little recap: In Episode 8, Jackie and Josh reconnected at Chelsea’s birthday party. There, Josh made his continued interest in Jackie known to both her and Marshall. “If you of all people steal her from me, you can have her,” Marshall told him at one point — and it’s starting to look like that’s exactly what happened.

In Episode 9, Marshall learned that Jackie skipped wedding dress shopping. Instead, she met up with Josh — and told him that she “could” see herself marrying him. “I robbed myself from [the] jump. That’s my biggest regret. I chose wrong,” Jackie told Josh, recalling her decision to be with Marshall in the pods. By the end of their conversation, they agreed to “try” it out as a couple.

So, what’s the latest on Jackie and Josh? The duo hasn’t given any updates on their status (at least not yet), but they were spotted by some TikTokers on a potential date. On March 3, user @snowflake1971 shared a video of Jackie and Josh together at a Mariners game. According to her, the clip was taken on March 2.

TikTok: @snowflake1971

The fact that Jackie and Josh are apparently still hanging out when Love Is Blind Season 4 was filmed a year ago definitely hints at a connection between them, even if it can’t be confirmed until the reunion.

In the comments section, fans had plenty to say. “She wants the drama, toxic kinda love - let her have it! And let Marshall have the peaceful, happy kinda love! This is a WIN for them both, especially M,” one wrote. Another commented, “Lmao this definitely feels like they broke nda or something going out in public even tho the season isn’t over yet.”

One comment, in particular, summed it all up: “This reunion is going to be more wild than the whole show.”