Josh Demas from 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 has an impressive wrestling background.

Do Not Get Into A Fight With Josh From Love Is Blind

He's very experienced in beating people up.


Josh Demas came into Love Is Blind telling everyone he was a project manager, but that’s not the whole truth. His real passion is his professional fighting career. He’s won titles as a wrestler, MMA fighter, and in Brazilian jiu jitsu, but none of that has come up in the first few episodes of Love Is Blind Season 4. But as the drama is starting to ramp up around him, he could very well bust out some scary moves.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses details up to and throughout Episode 8 of Love Is Blind Season 4. Josh didn’t really get much shine in the dating pods. He did make a strong impression on Jackelina, who was considering picking him as her fiancé, but she instead went with Marshall. According to Jackelina, Josh was more of the “bad boy” type she usually goes for, but she wanted to break that pattern by embracing Marshall’s more emotional and caring charm.

When the pods ended, it also seemed like the end for Josh. But it wasn’t. He returned in bombastic fashion at Chelsea’s birthday party with the goal of stealing Jackelina from Marshall. It wasn’t exactly his best moment, since it looked like he may have downed a bit too much liquid courage before boldly coming on to Jackelina.

With the drama heating up around Josh, here’s what fans should know about him outside the show.

Love Is Blind Season 4’s Josh Demas’ Real Job

While Josh is actually the project manager of a construction company, his real passion lies in the ring. He was a collegiate wrestler for Ohio State University, and went on to become an MMA fighter and train in Brazilian jiu jitsu after graduating. He placed second in the world at a 2019 no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu tournament.

Love Is Blind Season 4’s Josh Demas’ Instagram

Josh’s IG of full of pics chronicling his love of travel, from swimming with sharks in Miami to posing on the beaches of Thailand.

Love Is Blind Season 4’s Josh Demas’ Age

Josh was 31 while filming Love Is Blind. His birthday is June 12, 1991, per his MMA profile, so he won’t turn 32 until this summer.

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