Zack and Bliss haven't confirmed on Instagram if they're still married or not after 'Love Is Blind' ...

Love Is Blind's Zack & Bliss Had An Adorable Pregnancy Announcement

Vanessa Lachey is screaming rn.

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Zack and Bliss were the true wildcard couple of Love Is Blind Season 4. They got off to one of the worst starts in the show’s history when Zack proposed to someone else, but somehow, they managed to reunite and actually build a pretty solid relationship in just a matter of days. And in what was the most surprising moment of the finale, Zack and Bliss actually agreed to get married. And it wasn’t just for the cameras.

Despite Zack initially getting engaged to Irina, Bliss took him back when he shared his feelings for her in the real world. Because of their late start and fumbled beginning, it didn’t seem like the two would make it to the altar, especially after Bliss’ dad expressed his disapproval. But against all odds, Zack and Bliss got married in the finale. Like the rest of the contestants, they had to hide their relationship status on social media until the season aired in full. But at the reunion, they were finally free to share their love story in full.

The couple proved just how strong their marriage was in the After the Altar special that aired over a year after Season 4 filmed. The check-in revealed Zack and Bliss have been happily in love, and still close with the other Season 4 success stories, especially Kwame and Chelsea.

But their biggest announcement yet didn’t come until after their season of Love Is Blind was long over. On Nov. 21, the couple revealed they are expecting their first child.


“We planned this. We had actively been trying, but it was definitely a surprise,” Bliss told People of her pregnancy. “I had felt a little queasy ... and I took the test by myself because I wanted to surprise Zack whenever it was [confirmed]. I found out early in the morning while Zack was sleeping and it was shocking. It was like, does that really say positive? What is happening? It was definitely probably one of the most surreal moments of my life.”

The LIB baby will certainly be exciting for host Vanessa Lachey, who was infamously very interested in the cast’s baby prospects during Season 4’s reunion.

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