'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' Season 4 was full of surprises.

The 10 Biggest Revelations From LIB Season 4’s After The Altar

This reunion was full of surprises.

by Dylan Kickham

Love Is Blind Season 4 had more marriages and more mess than any other season of the reality show, so of course things for the pod squad were still pretty wild a year after those weddings. The three-episode After the Altar special brought the whole group back together one year later for a fun little flag football game, but obviously, the drama was even spicier off the football field. Here are the most important revelations from Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 4.

Although it may seem like the fourth season of Love Is Blind was just airing, it actually filmed back in the summer of 2022. The three couples that ended up married had their weddings in May 2022, meaning it has been over a year since everyone was together in those dating pods. After the Altar revealed that the season is still a major success story, as Brett and Tiffany, Zack and Bliss, and Kwame and Chelsea are all still happily married. And yes, Jackelina and Josh are still together too, however messy their relationship may seem.

The special also revealed new relationships, hidden engagements, and the truth about Paul and Micah’s situation. Here are the biggest revelations:

1. Tiffany and Brett moved away.

Tiffany revealed that shortly after filming Love Is Blind, she and Brett had to leave Seattle to relocate to Portland for Brett’s work.

2. Zack and Bliss are inseparable from Kwame and Chelsea.

'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' Season 4 was full of surprises.

The two married couples that stayed in Seattle apparently hang out all the time. Chelsea revealed that she and Kwame live just seven minutes away from Zack and Bliss, and that they see each other at least once a week.

3. Micah is still besties with Paul’s mom.

When Paul’s mom made an appearance on Love Is Blind, every viewer picked up on her immediate connection with Micah. Although Paul and Micah broke up at the end of the show, After the Altar revealed that Micah stayed in touch with her ex’s mom. In fact, she said they talk every single day, and Paul’s mom seemed to hold out hope Micah would get back with her son when the two met up on the special.

4. Paul is seeing someone new.

The special also revealed that Paul and Micah did briefly date after the show, but he ended things when Micah moved to Arizona. Although Micah has since moved back to Seattle, Paul is seeing a new woman now.

5. Marshall’s also celebrating an anniversary with his new girlfriend, Chay.


Marshall was able to bounce back pretty quickly after Jackie dumped him. After briefly trying things out with fellow contestant Kacia, superfans sleuthed out that Marshall was probably dating a woman named Chay after the show. Sure enough, After the Altar confirmed Marshall and Chay are together, and even celebrating one year of dating at the time of filming.

6. Kacia said Marshall wasn’t truthful about their relationship, and she blocked him on social media.

The reunion special revealed that Marshall’s two exes from the show are now besties IRL. Jackie and Kacia bonded over both blocking Marshall on social media, and Kacia shared her frustrations over how Marshall described their relationship on the reunion show. He said they went on “just one date,” but Kacia claims their time together was much deeper than that.

7. Amber got flirty with Paul.

At the start of the pods, Amber and Paul seemed like a perfect match. And now, over a year later, they might just explore that connection. At the football game, Paul told Amber he’s moving to San Diego, and she revealed she’s also moving there. Is a new Love Is Blind couple about to begin?

8. Marshall and Jackie finally made peace.

Marshall and Jackie went from lovers to bitter enemies on Love Is Blind, and then remained in animosity with each other even after the show. But thankfully, After the Altar saw them finally settling things between them. After the football game, the two exes sat down together and were able to say they’re happy for one another and squash their beef.

9. Micah ended things with Paul for good.


Although they weren’t technically together, Micah revealed that she’s remained close with Paul after the show and that she felt like he was keeping the door open to possibly rekindle their relationship with his constant texting. However, after she found out he’s seeing someone else, Micah used her reunion with her ex to officially end things, asking Paul to stop texting her and hoping to move one from the connection.

10. Josh got engaged to Monica in the pods.

Probably the biggest bombshell of all was the revelation of an engagement that wasn’t televised on Love Is Blind. Monica was barely featured on the show, but she showed up to After the Altar to reveal that she and Josh were briefly engaged after the dating pods. Obviously, the engagement didn’t last long, as Josh started dating Jackelina over the course of the series.