Josh and Monica's engagement was finally revealed in 'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' Season 4.

Josh From Love Is Blind Got Engaged To Another Contestant Before Jackie

All the rumors were true, it turns out.


It turns out there was a lot more going on in Love Is Blind Season 4 than viewers knew about. The show only featured a few select couples who connected in the pods, but in actuality, there were several more engagements than those shown. The most shocking of all was Monica’s, a school teacher who was on briefly featured on the season in a few pod dates. After Monica revealed her failed engagement on Instagram, super sleuths were quick to piece together that her former fiancé may have been Josh. And sure enough, the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special confirmed Monica and Josh did get engaged, making Josh’s pursuit of Jackelina shortly after the pods even more dramatic.

As expected, Jackie and Josh brought all the chaos to After the Altar. Although Jackie was actually able to settle things with her ex Marshall, Josh didn’t have such a smooth conversation with his ex. Monica confronted Josh for how he responded to her speaking about their relationship on social media. The new episodes shared previously unseen footage confirming that Josh proposed to Monica in the pods, but they ended things shortly afterward. Back when the season was airing, Monica shared her engagement story in a lengthy Instagram post, detailing how she felt torn during the reveal and ended the engagement shortly after filming.

The post did not reveal whom she was engaged to, but fans speculated it was Josh after the company that supplies the show’s wedding rings tagged him in a throwback photo.

It would not have been long after Josh and Monica’s engagement ended that Josh began seeing Jackie. The two had a connection in the pods, but Jackie left with Marshall instead. However, Jackie and Marshall’s relationship imploded fast, and Jackie reconnected with Josh at the end of the season.

Apparently, Monica had remained close with both Josh and Jackie for a while after filming, but that friendship was strained after Monica’s Instagram post. When she tried to talk to Josh about it during After the Altar, he angrily accused her of “clout chasing” and stormed out of the reunion.