The Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast Is Back For A Messy After The Altar Reunion

This trailer is A LOT!

They’ve survived the pods, explosive fights, and judgy friends, but now the Love Is Blind Season 4 cast is facing their biggest challenge yet. A little over a year after filming the marriage experiment, the group is getting back together for some friendly competition... and to finally address all the drama that wasn’t shown on the series. The trailer for Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 4 teases what really happened with Jackelina and Josh, a possible rekindling of Paul and Micah’s romance, and a whole lot of Brett and Tiffany’s love story.

The first look at the new season of After the Altar centers around a flag football game reuniting all the Love Is Blind Season 4 participants one year after they filmed the finale. From the looks of it, all three married couples are still happily together — Brett and Tiffany, Zack and Bliss, and Kwame and Chelsea are all still very lovey-dovey in the trailer. And there’s even potential for some more romance, as the reunion also teases Paul and Micah rethinking things after they broke up during their wedding ceremony.

But of course, the real drama revolves around Jackie and Josh. In the first look, Jackie’s former fiancé Marshall is finally able to confront her about how she ended things with him and quickly moved on with Josh. Even juicier, it looks like Monica will also be revealing what really happened with Josh after the pods. Monica was barely featured on Love Is Blind Season 4, but superfans have been able to put together that she and Josh most likely got engaged... only for that engagement to end when Josh began pursuing Jackie again. The trailer shows Monica gesturing to Josh while speaking with Jackie, saying “I don’t know how you deal with this man.”

Check out the After the Altar trailer for yourself below:

Get ready to feed your messy dating show obsession once again when Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 4 premiered on Sept. 1 on Netflix.