Marshall and Jackie from 'Love Is Blind' Season 4

The Love Is Blind Couples’ Astrological Compatibility, Ranked

We need to talk about Marshall and Jackie.


Love Is Blind tests the waters of emotional compatibility by removing appearances from the equation — but looks aren’t the only factor that might impact a couple’s success. The stars can also play a role, and in Season 4, the couples’ zodiac signs might explain a lot of the drama (and love, of course) that fans are seeing on the show.

Earth, fire, water, and air signs all bring their own unique character traits to relationships, and some signs are better suited together than others. Although the final fate of the couples hasn’t been revealed yet, their astrological compatibility could be swaying them toward (or away from) the altar.

Before the live reunion airs on April 16, astrology can offer a guess about who ultimately said “I do.” To help you unriddle all the drama, here’s a full breakdown of the final five couples’ zodiac compatibility, ranked from least to most marriage-material. Spoiler alert: This post discusses moments from up to and throughout Episode 11 of Love Is Blind Season 4.

5. Jackie (Capricorn) And Marshall (Virgo)


Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze’s relationship came to a not-so-happy end in Episode 10, when Jackie opted to meet Josh Demas for lunch instead of going wedding dress shopping. Jackie and Marshall’s relationship had been rocky for some time, so their breakup didn’t come as a complete surprise — especially for those who pay attention to astrology.

Jackie, who is a Capricorn, and Marshall, who is a Virgo, are both earth signs. Grounded and practical, these signs typically get along well — even though they might be cautious to open up. They tend to take any slight seriously, and both signs hold onto grudges. It makes sense, then, that after Marshall referred to Jackie as a “project,” there was no going back.

This can contribute to some sexual incompatibility between these signs as well. “[Virgos’] own self-esteem in the moment contributes mightily to their desire, and if they are feeling self-conscious, they could retreat,” astrologer Jill Loftis of Nuit Astrology previously told Bustle. This tension was obvious in Episode 8, when fans learned that Jackie told Marshall to “boss up” in the bedroom. Reflecting on her words, Marshall said to the cameras, “The way that she made me feel in that moment when she said that I wasn’t a man, that I wasn’t doing grown-man stuff, that hurts.”

4. Chelsea (Taurus) And Kwame (Aries)


This earth and fire sign pair might not be the best suited — at least, astrologically speaking. As a Taurus, Chelsea Griffin tends to be down-to-earth and loyal. On the other hand, Kwame Appiah, an Aries, is more fiery and led by passion. If they’re able to find shared values to connect them, this can work... but it can also lead to a lot of conflict.

Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning that they’re naturally set in their ways. Aries, while more open to change, tends to be extremely stubborn (hence the ram). Without a willingness to compromise and work to find a happy balance, these two hard-headed signs can find themselves in regular arguments.

Already, fans have noticed this in Chelsea and Kwame’s relationship. As they disagree on where they should live (Seattle vs. Portland) and when to settle down (now vs. later), it’s clear that both Chelsea and Kwame don’t want to budge — like, at all. Although Kwame ends up compromising, he isn’t happy about it. “If we’re being honest, baby, the compromise coming from this side is pretty big,” he told Chelsea at one point. Later, Chelsea told him, “Welcome to marriage.” (Oof.)

3. Bliss (Libra) And Zack (Aries)


Bliss Poureetezadi and Zack Goytowski’s relationship got off to a rough start when he chose to propose to Irina Solo in the pods. Although they were eventually able to move past that (major) obstacle, their zodiac signs might complicate things further.

Bliss is a Libra. Represented by the scales, Libras are known for having a well-balanced approach to just about everything. As an Aries, Zack’s way of life is a little bit different. This fire sign tends to be impulsive, passionate, and stubborn.

These differences could make it tricky for Bliss and Zack to make their relationship work. The silver lining? They’ve already gotten through a huge obstacle — one that seemed to be (at least partially) spurred on by Zack’s spontaneous Aries nature. “This is one small little blip in my life ... that was just one part of me and Zack’s story,” Bliss told People in March. If they were able to make it through that unscathed, it seems like this duo can work through just about anything.

2. Micah (Pisces) And Paul (Pisces)


Pisces is the most romantic zodiac sign, so a Pisces-Pisces relationship is bound to be extremely lovey-dovey. (Turns out, there’s an astrological reason Micah Lussier and Paul Peden were always playing footsie!) “These two compassionate creatures both sense the depth of emotion and intensity in the other,” astrologer Clarisse Monahan explained to Bustle. “Pisces communicate in a very intuitive way, both feeling connected and drawn together from the start.”

In the pods, this similarity between Micah and Paul was obvious. At one point, Micah confessed to Paul that she had a habit of romanticizing her life. (And in her Netflix cast bio, she says she’s looking for a “world-shifting, fairy-tale type of love.”) Paul responded that he was “literally on the same page with that,” and he’s apparently “attracted” to that kind of thinking. (At one point, he told Micah that being with her is like “standing in the sun.” Poetry!)

Although very sweet, Pisces’ dreamy, romantic nature can get this water sign into some trouble. Healthy relationships require more than emotion: Logic and practical matters have to play their part, too. Fans have already seen this come to the surface, as Micah splits her time between Seattle and Arizona and Paul wants nothing to do with Arizona. It’ll take some work on these matters for their romance to survive.

1. Tiffany (Sagittarius) And Brett (Scorpio)


Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown’s relationship has been goals since day one — yes, even though Tiffany fell asleep while Brett was confessing his feelings. A Sagittarius and a Scorpio, Tiffany and Brett’s zodiac signs are neighboring each other. (Their birthdays are only nine days apart). Typically, signs that are so close to each other in the calendar are less compatible, but that’s not necessarily the case here.

Tiffany is a mutable fire sign, meaning she’s more in touch with her feelings and willing to go with the flow. A fixed water sign, Brett needs to build up more trust before being emotionally available. But, once he’s set on someone, he’s a committed partner. Together, they’re willing to embrace the adventure of their whirlwind relationship. “An adventurous spirit is the foundation of their relationship,” Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach, told Bustle. “For this couple, adventures will be at the core of their relationship.”

Even before they met in person (and had sizzling chemistry), it certainly looked like Brett and Tiffany knew they were great together. “I already feel as though I’m in love with you,” Tiffany told him. “I truly feel like we’re the perfect match,” Brett replied. Their relationship is proof that Sagittarius-Scorpio couples can work.