‘Bachelorette’ Rachel’s “Men Tell All” Will Be So, So Dramatic


During a season of The Bachelorette, "Men Tell All" always airs before the finale. This can make fans antsy — I mean, we want to get to the good stuff. However, you shouldn't write-off Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's episode of "Men Tell All" quite yet. Season 13 had some, um, characters on it, and they are all returning to confront the woman who broke their heart. The episode airs July 31 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

While I can't wait to hear Rachel gush over her new relationship (#TeamBryan), I'm more excited to see what the fan favorites are going to do. Reportedly, "Men Tell All" will be used to redeem some of our fallen contestants.

A source told Us Weekly that Adam Gottschalk gets some time in the sun. Adam was that contestant who made it really far, but I always had to remind myself who the heck he was. He was the one who brought the creepy Adam Jr. doll? Yes, yes, now you remember. Reportedly, the source says,

It seems super random, because Adam and Rachel didn't have a ton of on-screen chemistry. The motive behind the video is to get viewers excited for the alleged relationship that heats up between him and fan-favorite Raven Gates, on Bachelor in Paradise. I'm interested to see this because I think I recall Adam Jr. being on the show more than human Adam.

But no one needs redemption more than Jack Stone. His head tilting and awkward conversation skills had people roasting him on social media. He is insisting that the weirdly quiet date was a result of editing, and asks for Rachel to back him up.

Apparently, she acknowledges that they did have great conversation. This is one part I'm going to have to see to believe.

DeMario Jackson is a big question surrounding "Men Tell All." After all the Paradise drama, it was a question if he would even appear on the episode. Reportedly, he will be there, but the controversial discussion about his alleged hookup with Corinne Olympios is totally off-limits.

Olympios released a statement to TMZ on June 14 about the allegations. She said,

DeMario also released a statement to E! News on June 14, denying the allegations against him. He said,

After completing its investigation into charges on Bachelor In Paradise, Warner Bros. found there was no evidence of misconduct. The full statement said,

Additionally, Elite Daily received this statement from an ABC spokesperson about the future of Paradise,

DeMario will, however, be talking about the woman who came on The Bachelorette claiming to be his girlfriend. DeMario says that it was "all staged" and blames the producers. I'm interested to see Rachel's reaction to this.

I lost a little piece of my heart when Dean Unglert was sent home after his hometown date. Ugh, it was hard to watch. Apparently, Dean will be confronting Rachel about the decision and how she said she was falling in love with him. Yeah, WTF?

A Bachelor In Paradise insider did say that Dean "makes a connection" while in Paradise. Hmmm... PLEASE, DEAN, BE WITH KRISTINA.

Finally, the last thing you won't want to miss is a dance number Whaboom performs with a group of dancers. Doesn't Whaboom feel like the oldest reality news ever? That's because his five minutes of fame are up. However, the other guys do confront him about his motives — so that should be interesting.

If the points above didn't make it clear, you should definitely check out "Men Tell All." It will be wild.