Twitter Is Roasting Jack From 'The Bachelorette' For Cringeworthy Date With Rachel

by Anna Menta
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Week 5 of The Bachelorette did not skimp on the drama.

After building even more tension with the bubbling fight between Kenny and Lee, Rachel Lindsay threw everyone a curve ball with the elimination of Jack Stone.

She wasn't messing around with this elimination, either. She didn't even wait for the rose ceremony. Rachel didn't waste a second — she didn't even wait until her date with Jack was finished to send him packing.

Honestly, no one could blame Rachel for this call. As soon as she and Jack sat down for their date things got really weird, really quickly.

Like, Jack staring at Rachel with his creepy smile, telling Rachel he wants to lie on a bed in a locked room — that kind of weird.


Despite their reasonably successful one-on-one date last week, when Jack and Rachel went "Shuckin' and Shaggin'," (which apparently is a real thing), Jack was just putting out all kinds of weird vibes.

First of all, the dude can't seem to finish a sentence in a timely manner. He's always taking these long, suspenseful pauses in the middle of speaking, like he's about to reveal his secret murder plans.

Second of all, that smile. Like, maybe scale it back on the Crest whitening strips, my dude.

Third of all, when Rachel asked him what he would want to do with her in Dallas, he said this thing about wanting to lay in bed in a locked room with her.  You could see on Rachel's face that she immediately took that as a red flag. (Because she has survival instincts!)

So naturally, Twitter immediately started to roast Jack for his creepy mannerisms and awkward AF date.

Bye, Jack! Thanks for giving us one last laugh before you went! (Also, please don't be mad at me for writing this mean article about you. I have a cat to care for. Thank you. Bye.)