'Bachelorette' Rachel's Two-On-One Date With Kenny And Lee TK TK

by Anna Menta

We all knew that Kenny and Lee's two-on-one with Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette was going to be a disaster.

Lee, who has been the Bachelorette villain ever since we said goodbye to Whaboom guy, seems to really have it out for Kenny, the dad/the pro wrestler. (Not the smartest, Lee.)

Last week, Lee interrupted Kenny and Rachel's one-on-one time, provoked Kenny into confronting him, and then lied to Rachel about the way it all went down.

Rachel then confronted poor Kenny, who was forced to try to defend himself despite doing nothing wrong. Unsurprisingly, Kenny is now super pissed at Lee.

(There's also the fact that Lee allegedly has a history of racist behavior on Twitter, a fact that ABC previously declined to comment on to Elite Daily. But that's a whole other story.)

Kenny does a pretty good job staying calm, considering how much of an infuriating snake (to borrow Kenny's word) Lee continues to be.

Lee accused Kenny of "playing the race card," despite Will trying to step in and explain that, actually, accusing black men of false aggression is steeped in racist history. Unsurprisingly, Lee didn't seem to follow.

So, naturally, the producers, seeing this tension, saw a great opportunity for the dreaded two-on-one. Kenny and Lee went head to head in Week 5 of The Bachelorette, and as predicted, it was not pretty.

As anticipation built for the dreaded date, Kenny and Lee settled comfortably into their Good vs. Evil roles. Kenny started crying while FaceTiming his daughter.

Meanwhile, Lee sat back and laughed evilly with confidence.

Finally, it was time. Lee and Kenny, looking very nervous, climbed into the helicopter.

For their big date/face-off, Kenny and Lee took their issues out in to the Norwegian wilderness, and things definitely got messy.

Rachel, Lee, and Kenny all sat down alongside a river and proceed to have the most awkward three-way date ever.

First, Rachel took Kenny aside to chat. It seemed to go pretty well — Rachel said she believes that Kenny was there for the right reasons.

But then it was Lee's turn — and Lee wasn't going down without a fight. Lee started spewing all kinds of lies about how "violent" and "aggressive" Kenny is when he's drunk.  Rachel was left not knowing who to trust.

So then Rachel told Kenny about all the lies Lee told her (this is starting to feel very middle school) and Kenny...did not take it well.  He started laughing maniacally and heading over towards Lee.

Because the Bachelorette producers hate us, we ended the episode there.  We don't know whether Kenny or Lee (or both) get sent home. And we still don't know how Kenny got that dang bloody eye.


But let's hope this all ends tomorrow with me never having to see Lee's smarmy face again.

Let's not forget the way Rachel shut down all that drama between insufferable Whaboom and whiney Blake two weeks ago, by sending both of their butts home.

Rachel doesn't take any drama from her dudes! This show is about one person and one person only: Rachel Lindsay.