New ‘Bachelorette’ Promo Proves Rachel's Season Gets Dramatic And Bloody

by Katie Corvino

The first episode of Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette aired on Monday, May 22, and it definitely lived up to its expectations.

Bachelor Nation got to finally watch the 31-year-old lawyer from Dallas return to the mansion and meet her suitors... and let me just say, there sure are some hotties. * COUGH, DEMARIO, COUGH *

Throughout the night, we met Jonathan the "Tickle Monster," Lucas the "Whaboom" (still don't know what that means) and plenty of other memorable contestants.

Rachel even got her first smooch of the season and it was intimate AF. Seriously, camera man, why the heck are you holdin' that camera so close to her face?!

At the end of the episode, fans got to see the first official preview of Rachel's season... you know, a video that lasts more than 20 seconds.

In one portion of the clip, contestant Kenny King -- who happens to be a Ring of Honor wrestler -- is seen with his face covered in blood.

Fans immediately went to Twitter to share their concern over the scene and the promo in general.

Of course, if you've watched The Bachelorette or The Bachelor before, you know the promos are usually HEAVILY edited to be misleading and don't show an accurate representation of what's to come.

For all we know, Kenny could have been injured playing football or something. See, this Twitter user knows what's up.

Sorry, ABC, that trailer definitely was scary but you aren't fooling anyone. This isn't our first rodeo!

Man, people really don't believe the blood was real. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU IN PAIN, KENNY.

It's unclear what will go down in the next few episodes, but hopefully the drama won't be as bad as the time Chad Johnson threatened to kill Evan with his own bare hands.

Remember that?! Good times!

Tune in next week to see what goes down on The Bachelorette week two!

Promo video to come...