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BTS Sent ARMYs The Sweetest Happy New Year Message In An Adorable Video

It included so many goodies.

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There’s already so much to celebrate in 2022, especially if you’re a BTS fan. The Korean boy band had plenty of high highs in 2021 with the release of singles like “Butter” and “Permission To Dance,” as well as receiving a Grammy nomination, breaking records, and finishing off the year with a set of Permission to Dance On Stage concerts in LA. Despite taking a much-deserved break at the moment, BTS dropped an adorable Happy New Year video for fans just in time for their midnight countdowns.

Leave it to BTS to be thinking of their fans first and foremost with the start of a brand new year. While 2021 saw some iconic BTS moments between the launch of their McDonald’s meal and joining Instagram with personal accounts, the year was also challenging for each of the members — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. After returning to Korea from their U.S. trip, members Suga, RM, and Jin all tested positive for COVID-19. The band also opened up about how not being able to perform live for the fans during the pandemic had really taken a toll on them. However, in BTS’ New Year’s message to ARMY, they each discuss their hopes for the year, like seeing more fans in 2022.

The video, which was posted to YouTube and appears to be shot while the band was still in the U.S. together, includes a special message from each of the members starting with RM. The rapper and songwriter mentions having mixed feelings about 2021, but one of his goals for 2022 is to meet more fans ASAP. The leader of BTS can also be seen wearing some tiger gloves in honor of 2022 being the Year of the Tiger. Actually, each of the members mentions the Year of Tiger in their message to the fans while wearing cat ears, tiger gloves, or in Jin’s case, holding an adorable stuffed tiger.

A lot of them even hoped the fans could embrace the tiger in 2022 with RM wishing fans a “tiger-like year” that is “invincible and powerful,” and Jungkook encouraging anyone watching the video that they’re a “brave person” like a tiger. In Suga’s message, he hoped the “Year of the Tiger could chase away COVID-19.” (Don’t we all!)

In RM’s message, he also mentions the future after talking about seeing the fans in 2022. The group’s management announced back in December on Twitter that they plan to continue the Permission to Dance On Stage concert in Seoul this March. Suga also expressed a hope to “visit many different countries” in 2022 with more “concerts with ARMY.” Hopefully, the band is able to tour as soon as it’s safe to do so, whether that’s in 2022 or not.

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What fans can look forward to in 2022 is new music. After confessing that he hopes to “share great memories with ARMY in” the new year, V also admitted BTS will “try [their] best to come back with an amazing song.” Fans have even speculated that J-Hope will be coming out with a second mixtape in 2022 after he shared one of his goals for the year was to come out with new music. J-Hope’s message was overall very optimistic, wishing everyone “the best of luck next year.”

Whether it’s a Permission to Dance tour, new music, or just more adorable snaps posted to their Instagram pages, ARMY is sure to have a 2022 that is “a whole lot happier,” as Jimin would say, thanks to BTS. So, here’s to a new year that is “dynamite,” goes “smooth like butter,” and gives us plenty of “permission to dance.”