Fans are convinced BTS' J-Hope will drop his second mixtape soon.

ARMYs Now Think BTS' J-Hope's Second Mixtape Is Coming Soon

Fingers crossed!

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It’s been three years since BTS’ J-Hope dropped his debut mixtape, Hope World, in March 2018. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up record. Although the rapper has teased the idea of getting back in the studio before, he hasn’t officially announced a second mixtape. Thanks to his latest music update, ARMY thinks that’ll change soon because he might be getting ready to drop new music. Once you hear what he had to say, you’ll be convinced, too.

J-Hope first addressed the idea of another mixtape during a January 2019 VLIVE. Since the anniversary of his first mixtape’s release was coming up that March, a fan asked him during the livestream if he was planning on dropping a second mixtape one day. “Hope World 2? Well, if I develop some good works, I’ll try to release it for you guys as quick as possible,” J-Hope said at the time, according to a translation by Koreaboo.

The star discussed the idea again in a May 2021 interview with Rolling Stone. He said making his first mixtape “shaped the direction” he wants to go as an artist and musician moving forward. “I think it really [had] a good influence on my music that I work on now,” he said. “I am planning to keep on working on music and to try to show people a [style of] music unique to J-Hope.”

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When asked if he would drop a second mixtape, J-Hope said that although he wants to get inspired to make more music, “nothing is decided yet.”

“I’m just going to keep working on music,” he said. “I think my style of music will not greatly change, but I think it will be more mature. I will try to contain stories that I really want to tell in the second mixtape.”

It’s been seven months since then, and now, he’s shared another major update with fans. During BTS’ 2022 Season’s Greetings DVD, J-Hope revealed his keywords for the new year are as follows: new music, Grammy, and turning 30 years old.

According to Koreaboo, he also said he wants to “gift ARMYs with good music he worked on himself.” Of course, fans got excited thinking about the possibility of another mixtape coming soon.

If this does happen in 2022, it’ll be an A+ year for ARMYs.