This BTS McDonald's Meal Update May Mean It Comes With Photocards After All

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BTS is the latest global star to launch a collaboration with McDonald's. On Monday, April 19, the food giant announced it will add The BTS Meal to its menu starting this May. Once fans heard the news, they only had one question in mind: Does BTS' McDonald's meal include photocards? The group's past partnerships with brands like Mediheal and Samsung have come with them, so it's a good question.

In September 2020, McDonald's worked with Travis Scott on a meal, marking its first offering named after a celebrity since 1992. The following month, the famous food chain also partnered with J Balvin. Both collaborations were super successful, as millions of fans filmed themselves trying the meals on TikTok. Due to overwhelming demand, Travis Scott's even sold out in some locations.

Now, McDonald's latest collaboration, which kicks off on May 26 in the United States, is expected to be just as big. BTS has a massive global fanbase that's eager to get their hands on The BTS Meal, after all. When McDonald's revealed the news, ARMYs immediately trended "MCDONALDS" and "BTS Meal" on Twitter out of excitement over the team-up. However, one question they had was if the meal would come with photocards. They thought it would be cool if the food giant included one photocard in each meal, and fans would have to collect all seven to complete the collection.

Check out ARMYs' reactions to The BTS Meal below.

More fuel was poured on the photocard speculation fire on May 11 when McDonald's released a promotional schedule for BTS' meal. The schedule details plans to release concept photos from May 17 to May 23. That's seven days, which means they'll probably release a photo of one member of BTS every day. The question is, what's the point of photographing concept photos and teasing them to the masses if they don't come with the meal?

Unfortunately, as of now, the BTS Meal does not officially come with photocards based on McDonald's press release about the collab. (Elite Daily reached out to McDonald's for confirmation, but did not hear back by the time of publication.)

What we do know for sure is the meal will include a 10-piece order of Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, and a Coke. Stores will also offer Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by popular recipes from McDonald’s South Korea. "The band has great memories with McDonald’s. We’re excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to share the BTS Meal with the world," Big Hit said about the partnership.

Those who don't live in the U.S. can see when The BTS Meal launches in their country below.

ARMYs can't wait for The BTS Meal! But there's definitely still time to add photocards to the mix, McDonald's. Plenty of time.

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