BTS' RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have opened up their own personal Instagram accou...

OMG, Every Member Of BTS Officially Has Their Own IG Account

And they're now commenting on each other's pics.

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Ever since they debuted as a group in 2013, BTS has shared a single joint page on each social media platform. That all changed on Dec. 6 when RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook debuted personal Instagrams. Their accounts went live shortly after they announced they were taking an "extended period of rest" to recharge themselves after a busy year. Thankfully, that means fans will be able to keep up with the BTS members even during their time away. Since you won’t want to miss a single update, here’s how you can follow the group on Instagram.

Fans can find the members’ personal accounts through their joint page, @bts.bighitofficial. If you go to BTS’ group IG and check their “following” tab, you’ll see that there are seven accounts that are verified with the members’ names. To make things easy, just go down the list and follow them all so you’ll have their posts show up on your feed every day. You can also see the guys’ official IG accounts here.

RM: @rkive

RM’s username is a nod to his personal recording studio, the “rkive.” Just like he does on Twitter, he enjoys posting photos of his travels on Instagram.

Jin: @Jin

Jin’s username is easy to remember because it’s just his name: @Jin. For his first IG, Jin shared a photo of himself wearing BTS’ Permission To Dance On Stage shirt and with his hair in pigtails. If his pose seems familiar, that’s because Jin was imitating the “Red Light, Green Light” doll from Netflix’s Squid Game.

Suga: @agustd

Suga goes by his solo rapper persona @agustd on Instagram. The first photo he posted was a simple red square with the caption, “Instagram is too hard.” V hilariously commented on his post encouraging him to check out a YouTube tutorial for help. Luckily, it seemed Suga eventually got the hang of it because he followed up his first post with a selfie.

J-Hope: @uarmyhope

J-Hope’s username is as cute as his bubbly personality. It’s “uarmyhope,” which is a reference to his iconic saying, “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope!” as well as BTS’ fanbase, ARMY.

Jimin: @j.m

Meanwhile, Jimin’s username is simply @j.m. After sharing a throwback photo of himself from BTS’ “Butter” photoshoot, the singer posted a picture from one of BTS’ Permission To Dance On Stage concerts, which he captioned, “luv u all.”

V: @thev

V is @thv on Instagram. Fans can expect a variety of content on his page, like artistic snapshots, behind-the-scenes photos, and adorable pictures of his dog, Yeontan, aka Tannie.

Jungkook: @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz

If you’re wondering why Jungkook’s username is @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz, that’s because the name includes all of the letters in the alphabet besides “j” and “k,” which is a reference to his nickname, “JK.” Clever, right?

Make sure to follow the members to stay updated on the group, especially once they return from their break.

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