These BTS "Butter" Concept photos have a cryptic message.

BTS' "Butter" Concept Photo Has ARMYs Feeling Like They're Investigating A Crime Scene

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTS' "Butter" promotional cycle has officially begun, and ARMYs are savoring every minute of it. Days after announcing the new single on Twitter, Big Hit unveiled the track's first concept photo on Saturday, May 1. Fans were so excited to see it ever since the agency released the group's comeback schedule in an April 28 post. If you haven't seen the teaser already, check out the first of BTS' "Butter" concept photos, because it hints something big is coming.

Big Hit began teasing BTS' next era the morning of April 26 when they mysteriously shared an hour-long video of butter melting. At the time, fans had no idea what was happening, but they soon found out the clip was related to BTS' upcoming single "Butter," which the company described as a "dance pop track brimming with the smooth yet charismatic charm of BTS."

The next day, Big Hit posted BTS' "Butter" promotional schedule that revealed fans could expect a total of four concept clips teasing the track. As delineated by the schedule, the first look dropped on May 1, with the rest scheduled for May 3, May 4, and May 5. There are also some more teaser photos scheduled to drop starting on May 9. The official teaser will be released on May 18.

When BTS' first "Butter" concept photo dropped, fans started investigating its meaning. The photo in question features a poster design with seven Polaroids. Each Polaroid shows something unique, like balloons with smiley faces, a half-full glass, and a camera with film beside it. Upon further inspection of the elements, fans compared it to a crime scene. The snapshots also feature circles, doodles, and arrows that could suggest something about the order.

ARMYs were quick to begin dissecting the cryptic picture as though they were investigating a crime scene:

One fan pointed out that since there are seven photographs, they might each stand for one of the BTS members:

Fans will need to wait to find out the real meaning behind BTS' "Butter" concept photos, but it looks like ARMYs are off to a good start decoding the clues.