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Britney Spears swore off men after her latest breakup.

Britney Spears Swears Off Men For “As Long As I Live” In Breakup Post

After what she's been through, can you blame her?

Britney Spears is ready to get into a new zone. The pop star’s love life has been full of highly publicized drama for as long as she’s been famous, and now it sounds like she’s reached her wits’ end. Spears recently revealed she’s “single as f*ck,” confirming her breakup from her ex Paul Richard Soliz, and went on to declare she’s wearing off men forever.

I will never be with another man as long as I live !!!,” Spears wrote on Instagram in a since-edited caption. The declaration came shortly after Spears called out odd behavior by Soliz on a recent drive in her Instagram stories. “Why was he going 90 in a neighborhood with one pap following only to roll the window down when the pap pulls to the side of me ????” Spears wrote. “Then he calls his mom and says he’s being harassed. Why did he roll the window down with me crying in the seat??”

Spears and Soliz were first linked in September 2023, when reports came out that she had begun dating her former housekeeper amid her divorce from ex-husband Sam Asghari. Their months-long relationship remained mostly out of public eyes, except for a murky incident at the Chateau Marmont earlier this summer.

Prior to Soliz, Spears had her longest relationship with Asghari, having first met in 2016 and then getting married in 2022. However, they announced their split a year later.

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It’s no wonder Spears may be feeling a bit tender when it comes to her love life recently. Over the past few years since her conservatorship has lifted, a lot of tough details about her past romances have been drudged up for the first time. Specifically, she revealed that many aspects about her relationship with Justin Timberlake were not as perfect as they appeared from the outside. And she’s also had to deal with hurtful comments from ex-husband Kevin Federline... and her other ex-husband Jason Alexander trying to crash her wedding.

Given how the men in Spears’ life have been behaving, you can’t blame her for wanting to cut off the whole gender.