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Britney & Jamie Lynn's Florida Condo Drama, Explained

Fans aren't letting this one slide.

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Uh-oh, there’s trouble in paradise. OK, maybe not paradise — I’m just talking about Northwest Florida. And when I say trouble, I mean Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears’ Florida condo drama, which is anything but relaxing. Flashback to 20 years ago: Britney purchased a luxury vacation home overlooking the Gulf of Mexico’s white sand and clear, green waters. But Britney isn’t the only one who considers the condo a whole vibe. (Yes, it’s as big a yikes as it sounds.)

Enter: her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, who #FreeBritney supporters believe is taking advantage of Britney. This time around, stans are calling out the former Nickelodeon star for repeatedly referring to the condo as “ours,” implying the condo is a family vacation spot when Britney is reportedly the sole owner. Even though the 30-year-old denies the accusations, the entire condo debacle was a looong time coming. Pour yourself a piña colada (or two), because this situation might give you a migraine.

What’s Going On Between Britney And Her Family?

Much of the tension stirring between Britney, her family, and her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, relates to Britney’s 13-year-long conservatorship, in which the sisters’ father, Jamie Spears, is largely in charge of Britney’s career, finances, and personal life. Jamie is his daughter’s co-conservator, along with Jodi Montgomery, her care manager. Britney disapproves of this arrangement.

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Britney is now battling for her autonomy in court, and her new lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, recently filed a petition to have Jamie removed from her conservatorship once and for all. But, needless to say, tensions in the Spears family are generally high as Britney claims her guardianship is “abusive” and “traumatizing,” and *no one* in her family supported her when she needed it most — including her younger sister. (Elite Daily previously reached out to Spears’ team for comment on Britney’s claims, but did not hear back.)

#FreeBritney advocates previously criticized Jamie Lynn for her series of ambiguous responses to her older sister’s June 23 court testimony. Then, weeks later, the siblings were seemingly sub-posting about each other on Instagram, which only added more fuel to the anti-Jamie-Lynn fire.

However, before the sisterly IG drama commenced, Britney fans temporarily dialed back a bit in the wake of the New Yorker noting Jamie Lynn was not — and presumably still is not — on Spears’ payroll (which does include her mother, father, and older brother).

In response to the New Yorker exposé, Jamie Lynn shared her thoughts: “Facts….now leave my broke-ass alone,” she wrote on her July 6 Insta story. But even though the air surrounding Jamie Lynn’s finances was seemingly cleared, #FreeBritney supporters are now criticizing the 30-year-old mother-of-two for implying Britney’s Florida property was a shared investment. Oop.

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Why Are Fans Mad At Jamie Lynn Over Britney’s Condo?

It all began in 2001, when Britney and Jamie’s respective ages were around 20 and 11. The “Crazy” singer needed a break, so, like any hard-working entertainer, she bought a vacation home. According to May 2009 conservatorship filings gathered by The Sun, the beachside condo she purchased was part of a two-tower complex and cost $920,000. In 2021, when adjusted for inflation, the price of the property would be $1.4 million.

While Britney wasn’t seen at the Florida condo super frequently, in April 2005, she took a photo standing on her balcony with a few other people: her then-husband Kevin Federline, her bodyguard, and Jamie Lynn. By the looks of it, Britney was open to her little sister enjoying the condo. Around this time, Jamie Lynn’s claim to fame, Nickelodeon show Zoey 101, had just premiered months prior to the Destin sighting.

Things start to get a little fuzzy in 2008 — the year Britney’s conservatorship went into effect. As a direct result of the conservatorship, Britney was no longer in control of what the judge deemed to be “[complex] financial and business entities.” But despite Britney’s new guardianship arrangement, she’s still listed as the owner of the LLC the Destin condo was purchased under, according to 2009 documents. The property is now managed by her co-conservators, and under the terms of her conservatorship, it’s likely she’s not allowed to visit the condo without permission from them.

It’s safe to assume that even though Britney is currently a conservatee, she is still the sole owner of the vacation property. So, #FreeBritney fans were taken aback when they noticed that on *multiple* occasions throughout the 2010s — the same years in which Britney alleges she was “overworked” and not allowed to take “longer vacations” — Jamie Lynn gushed about visiting the Florida spot.

All The Times Jamie Lynn Implied Britney’s Condo Was Her Family’s

In 2015, Jamie Lynn first cited the vacation home as her favorite holiday pad. “We have a condo is [sic] Destin, Florida and it’s the best getaway!” she tweeted to a fan.

You’re probably wondering who she’s referring to when she said “we” — and you’re not the only one, either. The Britney stans who dug up the tweet were equally curious.

But Jamie Lynn’s tweet wasn’t the only instance she used questionable pronouns to describe her relationship with the vacation condo. One year later, in a 2016 interview with CMT, she seemingly claimed ownership of the property yet again.

“I host everyone at our condo,” she said. “We’re pretty blessed with a big condo. It can sleep about ten people. We all have breakfast together, I plan a big dinner, and we have a space at the beach.”

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After investigating the condo situation and exposing Jamie Lynn’s past misnomers, it’s safe to say #FreeBritney supporters were *pissed* — especially as the former actor previously shut down claims she was freeloading off Britney’s finances. In response to the “Toxic” singer’s court hearing in June, where Britney claimed she “would honestly like to sue my family,” Jamie Lynn insisted she’s “worked to pay my own frickin’ bills” since childhood.

Jamie Lynn’s Response To The Condo Controversy

#FreeBritney supporters continued lambasting Jamie Lynn for erroneously referring to the condo as her own into July. Jamie Lynn responded to the criticism on Instagram. In a July 26 carousel post of her immediate family on vacation at a beachside Ritz-Carlton hotel, Jamie Lynn wrote: “I don’t own a condo, and I can assure you that no one has ever bought me a place at the beach, because I prefer my beach vacations at the Ritz anyway🌊 Simple FACTS. Y’all need to stop reachin.'”

At this point, the Nickelodeon actor wasn’t necessarily bringing anything new to the table — media outlets reported earlier that Jamie Lynn was not the owner of the condo. The photo caption, which has since been edited to something completely different, also failed to acknowledge Jamie Lynn’s history of using “we” and “our” pronouns while describing the pad. Still, it’s nice to see a celeb addressing the gossip straight-up, right?

Wrong! Britney stans are still irritated AF by the whole ordeal — particularly because Britney has been trapped in her conservatorship while Jamie Lynn has seemingly gained full access to an investment Britney worked hard to purchase as a 20-year-old.

It’s impossible to tell how OK Britney was with Jamie Lynn making use of her condo during the last 13 years of her conservatorship. But in case it wasn’t clear in her short-lived IG spiel, Jamie Lynn would far rather stay at a hotel than own a million-dollar condo, obvi. I repeat: Jamie Lynn *does not want* a luxury condo. Can’t relate!