Britney Spears at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

5 Revelations From Britney Spears' Conservatorship Testimony That Are Truly Devastating

She wants to sue over her "traumatizing" experience.

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Britney Spears delivered a bombshell testimony about her 13-year conservatorship to an L.A. probate judge on June 23, and it was truly harrowing. While the pop star has remained mostly silent about the conservatorship that’s controlled just about every aspect of her life for more than a decade, she finally shared her true experience in court as she pleaded for the conservatorship to end. The singer leveled a number of shocking allegations against her family and her team in the testimony. These revelations from Britney Spears' conservatorship testimony are crucial information.

According to her testimony, Spears has been trying to end her conservatorship for several years, citing mismanagement by her father, who has had control of her finances since 2008. While the agreement was initially put in place to protect Spears after a public breakdown in 2007, fans, and the singer herself, say it has been drawn out way too long and has done more damage than good.

Spears’ testimony began with her sharing gratitude for the public hearing because she felt she has never been heard in the past. Then, she launched into a 24-minute prepared speech in which she accused her family of lying about her mental condition, forcing her to stay on birth control, and pushing her to take medication she didn’t want to (among other devastating accusations). According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spears’ father , Jamie Spears, responded to her testimony saying he’s “sorry to hear she’s suffering and in so much pain” and “misses his daughter very much.” Elite Daily previously reached out to Spears’ team for any further comment on her testimony, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Spears’ public testimony instantly went viral, with fans and celebrities shocked by her claims. While every word from the testimony was important, these were the biggest revelations she delivered.

1. Spears Claimed She’s Being Forced To Stay On Birth Control Despite Wanting Another Baby

Spears claimed that not only is her conservatorship controlling her finances, but they’re also controlling her body.

“I want to be able to get married and have a baby,” she said before delving into an explanation of why that’s not possible. “I was told right now in the conservatorship, I’m not able to get married or have a baby. I have an [IUD] inside of myself right now, so I don’t get pregnant.” The singer said she has been prevented from getting the IUD removed: “I wanted to take the [IUD] out so I could start trying to have another baby. But this so-called team won’t let me go to the doctor to take it out because they don’t want me to have children.”

2. Spears Claimed She Was Forced To Tour Even When She Was Sick

One of Spears’ biggest revelations came when she claimed her family and team forced her to work even when she was sick or didn’t want to.

“To recap: I was on tour in 2018,” Spears said. “I was forced to do… My management said if I don’t do this tour, I will have to find an attorney, and by contract, my own management could sue me if I didn’t follow through with the tour. He handed me a sheet of paper as I got off the stage in Vegas and said I had to sign it. It was very threatening and scary.”

Spears claims that since she was not allowed to get her own legal representation, she did the tour out of fear. She also claimed she had no control over her schedule despite wanting to take a break between tours.

3. Spears Claimed She Was Given Impairing Doses Of Lithium

Spears claimed after refusing to do a round of shows in Vegas, her team told her therapist she wasn’t cooperating, who immediately put her on a new medication. Spears said the medication, a heavy dose of lithium, had devastating effects on her life.

“He immediately, the next day, put me on lithium out of nowhere. He took me off my normal meds I’ve been on for five years,” she said. “And lithium is a very, very strong and completely different medication compared to what I was used to. You can go mentally impaired if you take too much, if you stay on it longer than five months.”

Spears said the medication, which she “never” wanted to be on, made it hard to even communicate: “I felt drunk. I really couldn’t even take up for myself. I couldn’t even have a conversation with my mom or dad really about anything.”

4. She Believes Her Father Should Go To Jail

Spears said the her father handled her conservatorship so poorly, he should be jailed. “Ma’am, my dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship and my management who played a huge role in punishing me when I said no — ma’am, they should be in jail,” she said.

5. Spears Wants To Sue Her Family

Spears made it abundantly clear where she currently stands with her family, expressing that she doesn’t believe they have her best interest at heart, but instead want to line their pockets. “Considering my family has lived off my conservatorship for 13 years, I won’t be surprised if one of them has something to say going forward and say, ‘We don’t think this should end. We have to help her.’ Especially if I get my fair turn exposing what they did to me,” she said in her testimony.

After enduring what she labeled an “abusive” conservatorship, she wants to take legal action.“I would honestly like to sue my family, to be totally honest with you,” she said. “I also would like to be able to share my story with the world and what they did to me, instead of it being a hush-hush secret to benefit all of them. I want to be able to be heard on what they did to me by making me keep this in for so long. It is not good for my heart.”