These memes to send your crush will make them laugh.

17 Memes To Send Your Crush That Will Definitely Make Them Laugh

Show off your amazing sense of humor.

by Alison Segel and Mackenzie Sylvester
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When words fail to get your point across, there’s a meme for that. In fact, there’s a meme that sums up basically every mood: when you’re excited, when you’re hungry — even when you’re horny. What’s great about these little wordsy pictures is that they always lighten the vibe, which is why having a set of funny memes to send your crush is a great idea to make them laugh and deepen your connection (inside jokes for days, people).

No matter what stage you’re at in your relationship or situationship, humor is more important than what you might think. According to licensed marriage and family therapist Anita Chlipala, LMFT, humor is essential to a happy relationship. “When something strikes you as funny, your brain releases the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters: dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, which enhance feelings of pleasure and mood,” she tells Elite Daily, adding that laughing with your partner can increase the sense of intimacy and reduce stress hormones. So, finding some funny memes to send to your crush can is about more than just making them LOL. Scientifically, they could end up feeling closer to you as a result, so choose your memes carefully if you’re trying to flirt.

Where do people find good memes, anyway? They’re scattered pretty much all over the internet. Cascading in a virtual stream from Twitter to Instagram to Reddit, it can be a task to herd up the best ones worthy of actually sending to someone you like. Luckily, that’s all been done for you. So, when words aren’t enough, here are 17 memes to send your crush that will have them cackling and probably crushing harder.

1. When They Ask What Kind Of Things You're Into

Selfies, scrolling, eating, and sleeping — that pretty much sums it up. But how much more fun are these to do with a partner? Send this as your official invite to your daily routine of riveting activities.

2. When They Got A Few Likes On TikTok

Even if they didn’t go viral, this one is a funny meme to send your TikTok-obsessed crush. Actually, it’s even funnier the fewer views they got.

3. When They Ask How Your Day Was

Sometimes it’s better to avoid venting about your bad day to your crush, and instead save that negativity for your friends, family, and loved ones (rather than someone you’re trying to impress). On the off chance you are feeling crappy, you don't have to hide your feelings completely, but maybe send a meme instead, like one of this cute little baby having a yawn.

4. When They Ask For A Selfie

Coming up with pictures to send your crush can feel like a nightmare — especially when they ask for one. First of all, are they trying to sext politely? Or do they really just want a picture of you in your face mask watching Netflix? Either way, sending someone a photo of yourself can sometimes be uncomfortable, so why not send a meme instead? You get to avoid any potential awkwardness and display your sparkling personality at the same time.

5. When You're Running Late

You might as well keep it real. If you're going to be late for your date, send a meme first that will make your crush LOL or smile. It's a good way to minimize the frustration that could potentially come your way.

6. When They Ask What You Want To Do This Weekend

How do people afford to do things? Life is expensive. If your crush suggests going out but you want to have a mellow night in, try sending them this meme. It's a funny way to say, "Hey, can we just Netflix and chill tonight?" Oh, and maybe fool around a bit, too...

7. When They’re Not A Great Driver

A little playful teasing is good for the soul. But maybe make sure you’re the one driving on your dates from now on.

8. When It’s Your Work Crush

If you and your crush work together, make them smile with this relatable meme. Plus, the next time Microsoft prompts them with this question, they are 100% going to text you.

9. When They Ask If You Cook

Why, absolutely. Send them this meme to let them know you’re a chef to be reckoned with and you’ve got dinner covered next date night.

10. When You’re Both Homebodies

If you and your crush are on the same page about staying in over going out, you’re going to get along just fine. You can stay home on the couch and be introverts together.

11. When They Ask How You’re Doing

Send this meme when you aren’t doing the best, but things could be worse and you want to laugh it off with your crush. Now you’ll have an inside joke to rate your moods on a scale of American Eagle to Gucci.

12. When You’re Arguing

Chlipala tells Bustle that humor is a great way to keep arguments from getting out of control. “If you’re having an argument and it’s starting to escalate, saying something funny (as long as it’s appropriate) can de-escalate the conflict,” she explains. And what better way to lighten the mood by sending a text after the fight implying you were wrong with a funny meme like this one?

13. When They Ask If You’re A Morning Or A Night Person

If you can’t decide which time of day you operate best, send them this meme. Sometimes just hiding out in bed from morning until night is all you want to do, and that’s OK.

14. When You Can Hang Out In Silence Together

The ability to sit around together and do nothing without feeling awkward is a great sign of your growing bond. Send this meme to your crush if you’re at this level of ease and comfort.

15. When You Play “Wrong Answers Only”

Send this meme first to make your crush laugh, but then have them provide their wrong answer. This is a hilarious texting game in and of itself and makes for a superior conversation starter.

16. When You Met On A Dating App

This one works even better if one of you actually has a picture holding a fish on your profile. Whether the fish-holding thing is your type or not, you’ll both get a kick out of this meme.

17. When You’re Both Struggling To Adult

Send this meme if you two are both trying to make better financial decisions. Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.


Anita Chlipala, LMFT, licensed marriage and family therapist

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