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A woman decides which picture to send to her crush.
7 Cute Pics To Send To Your Crush That Hint You Want A Relationship

Text 'em that flirty selfie. You know you want to.

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Finding a new crush can simultaneously be the worst and the best thing feeling. Having all of those fluttery feels can definitely result in some serious lusting, but at some point, one of you has to start dropping hints to see if something real can grow, ya feel me? Unfortunately, putting yourself all the way out there and being direct is so much easier said than done. If you need ideas for cute pictures to send to your crush that'll let them know you want something more whatever it is you have now, then I’ve got your back.

If you like to be pursued, then dropping hints is one of the best ways to give the object of your affections an obvious green light. And if you’re wondering, “Do guys like when you send them pictures of yourself?,” the answer is definitely yes. The best part about using pics as your love-inducing weapon of choice is that they automatically seem more casual and fun. Plus, they make it way easier for your crush to get a peek into your life without having to read a bunch of texts. Think of it like creating an Instagram feed between you and your soon-to-be boo.

Instead of asking yourself, “Should I send him a picture of me?” for the millionth time, consider sending one of these flirty snapshots, which suggest you're open to developing something a bit more meaningful.

Send Your Crush A Picture Of Your Face
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I think we can all agree selfies are the best, mostly because they don't require anyone behind the camera, which means you can take a bazillion without annoying your BFF. But before sending a sexy photo, it's always important to consider how well acquainted you are with this person. Have you kissed? Have you hooked up? If so, then there's nothing wrong with sending a sexy photo of you about to hit the town followed by, "Heading out for some dinner and dancing. Maybe we can grab a drink after?" This lets them know that you're totally down to pencil them into your primetime date slots.

While there's nothing wrong with sending a flirty pic to someone you haven't hooked up with, there is the potential that it could come off a bit more intense than you intended. Listen to your gut feeling.

Send Your Crush A Picture Of Something You’ve Talked About

Witty banter is what relationship dreams are made of. It's probably safe to assume you and your crush have already established some banter and share an inside joke or two, and a great way to strengthen your bond is to send them a pic of something you guys talked about, accompanied by a witty caption. If you can effectively make each other LOL, then you're already halfway to weaseling your way into their heart.

Are you both obsessed with gelato? Why not send an artsy pic of you eating some, or suggest a new place they should try? If you're feeling bold, maybe even make a joke about how you have to escort them there to make sure they get the "full experience."

Send Your Crush A Picture Of Yourself Doing Something You Love

Your unique hobbies and interests are part of what make you... well, you! Taking a moment to snap a quick pic of yourself in your element — wherever that may be — shows your crush that you're open to sharing more about yourself. This may very well inspire them to do the same. Don't overthink it. Even if you just enjoy going to the gym regularly, that's also a great option. It doesn't have to be anything too impressive, after all.

Next time you're there, get your workout buddy to take a cute pic of you doing something silly, or even just a trippy Boomerang of you slurping a green juice while glistening with some sexy post-gym sweat.

Send Your Crush A Picture Of Your Latest Culinary Creation

Very few people wouldn't want to date someone who can whip up a mean margarita or some amazing macaroni and cheese. Try to remember details when you interact with your crush that clue you into what they like to eat and drink. This way, the next time you have dinner in with your bestie you can coincidently make their favorite dish and tease them about how they should come over and hang soon if they want to snag some leftovers.

And if cooking isn’t your thing, then make a joke about it and send a pic of a frozen pizza box. Remember: Don't take the photos you send too seriously. If your crush is crushin' on you, too, then just hearing from you will put a smile on their face.

Send Your Crush A Picture Of Yourself With Friends
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Honestly, one of the best perks of having friends is being able to take pictures with them and feel a little bit cooler. Next time you're out with your crew, shoot your crush a funny pic of your shenanigans. It’s sure to make your crush smile (and to remind them of just how fun you are, obv), and as long as you ask your friends for permission first, they probs won’t mind serving as models.

If a relationship is on the table, then there's a pretty good chance your crush is going to meet your friends sooner or later. This is also a sneaky way to subliminally let them know that even when you're with your friends, you're still thinking about them.

Send Your Crush A Picture Of Your Outfit

You don’t need to take your clothes off to get your crush’s attention with a hot pic. In fact, you can even use your clothes to do some flirting if you want to show off your ‘fit. Whether you’re wearing a hot new dress and feeling yourself or you’re wearing your sloppiest T-shirt and feel like poking fun at yourself, go ahead and snap a mirror selfie. Then you can send it to your crush along with, “So what do you think?”

Even if you don’t trust their fashion expertise, your crush is sure to react, either by laughing at your self-deprecation or throwing some flame emojis at your sexy ensemble.

Send Your Crush A Picture Of Your Current View

It doesn’t matter if you’re lounging on the balcony of your five-star hotel overlooking the ocean or chilling in your bed watching Netflix — nothing says “wish you were here” like sending your boo a pic of your view. Whether you’re on vacation and want to show off your pedicure or stuck in traffic and in the mood to vent, sharing your current view with your crush offers a snapshot into your daily life.

Your view doesn’t have to be impressive. It doesn’t even have to be cute. But it does help you get a message across: “I want you to know where I am, and I’d like it if you were here with me.” And if your crush is in close enough proximity, you can even use your pic as an invitation for them to join you.

Dropping hints to your crush that you're interested in more can definitely be a bit anxiety producing. But just remember that if you guys exchanged numbers, and you've been flirting, then they might already be into you and just want to get to know more before making a move. That said, if things aren't moving forward, then why not take the lead and let them know you're interested in seeing more of them? IMHO, it's better to know if they're interested than to stay quiet and have regrets about it later.

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