Make Your LDR Suck Less With These 10 Sexy Pictures For Your Partner

Just tryin’ to keep things spicy.

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You’re counting down the days until you get to reunite with your long-distance love. Seeing them in-person again, and not over FaceTime, will be like running through a field of butterflies: pure magic. In the meantime, though, you want to get them super hyped for the kisses, dinner dates, and romantic nights to come with a sexy picture. These sexy pictures to send your long-distance partner are the perfect way to spice things up over text.

Truthfully, you can send sexy pictures to your significant other whenever you’d like. You don’t have to wait until they’re a few days away from packing an overnight bag, hopping on a plane, and rushing into your arms in the airport. You can spontaneously send them a sexy picture if you’re about to go out with your besties, chilling in your backyard, or prepping for a call with them, complete with laughs and digital smooches.

However, if you know you’re going to be seeing each other soon, it may be fun to tease bae with a sexy picture that could be described as cute or a borderline sext. Need #inspo? If you’re in an LDR, here are some sexy picture ideas to send your partner to keep things hot and spicy.

A Classic Picture Of You In Lingerie
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Let’s start with a classic: the lingerie pic. While nudes are an easy way to spice things up and show your long-distance lover what they’re in for, a snap in your bra, briefs, or a Savage X Fenty piece can be just as effective. In some cases, this picture can actually be more alluring, especially when the sexual tension between you and your SO is high. It’s the perfect teaser, and you can pose in your mirror, for your self-timer, or in your sheets.

A Cute Selfie From Your Lunch Break

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, sometimes the most sexy and sweet picture you can send is a selfie. It says, “I wish you were here,” while also reminding your partner of your genuine and loving personality. If you have extra time on your lunch break during work, snap a selfie with your yummy salad, sitting at your desk, or in a nearby park that you stopped in to get some fresh air. Add notes about your day to the text message so your love feels even more connected to you.

A Fun Photo From A Night Out With Your BFFs

Is your bae particularly attracted to your fun-loving personality or your wide smile? If so, waste no time snapping a fun photo when you’re having a night with your BFFs. Show them that you are thriving, but haven’t stopped thinking about them in between dinner and drinks. Not only will this reassure your partner you’re still interested in them, but it’ll also spark a convo about all the fun times you two are going to have when you’re together again.

A Throwback Picture From Your Favorite Day Together

Being a thoughtful and sentimental partner can be incredibly sexy, so don’t underestimate the power of sending a throwback picture. This can be a picture from a trip you took with your SO, an afternoon you spent together eating sushi in the park, or a night you spent snuggling on the couch under a sea of blankets. The only “rules” for this sexy picture is that you’ll want it to be sentimental for both of you, so that it falls under the categories of spicy and sweet.

A Flirty Snap Of You Pouting

Honestly, one of the most underrated poses when taking and sending a sexy picture for your long-distance boo is the pout. When your SO is thinking about how much they miss kissing you, this picture reminds them of what you taste like, and is bound to make them feel a little hot. Plus, taking this picture can be a total breeze. You may or may not want to apply some lipstick or lipgloss, and then can either snap a selfie and crop it, or hold a phone at the perfect angle to capture your pout.

A Saucy Picture Of Their Favorite Body Part
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It may be a little PG-13 (or even X-rated), but you can also send your long-distance love a pic of their favorite body part. Maybe they’re super attracted to your hands, hips, or eyes. Pull out a camera or your phone, and see if you can capture that body part’s essence. Just remember: sending sexy pictures you feel comfortable with is so important and, even if your partner asks, you don’t have to put anything you don’t want out there. Your bae should be understanding of your feelings, no matter what.

An Adorable Photo Of Your #OOTD

Whenever you and your love go on a date in-person, you get all dressed up. After all, you want to make the most of this time you have together, and that can include showing off your personal style and fashion sense. Sending an adorable photo of your #OOTD can have a very similar feel to it, and give your person a chance to hype you up. It’s a real win-win.

A Candid Snap Of You Laughing Out Loud

Your partner is attracted to you, so they’ll love seeing a candid snap on their phone where you’re *actually* LOL-ing. They might make the photo their phone background, so they can look at it as the countdown gets closer to zero days and zero minutes, and respond to your text with a sweet, “Aw! Look at you.” For this picture, you will need to ask your bestie, mom, or sibling for help, but they’ll likely be up to the task.

An Artsy Selfie From A Backyard Photo Shoot

If you’re a really creative person, or have a creative bestie, an artsy selfie is the sexy picture you should send to your love. You can take the photo on a digital camera, film camera, or your phone, while wearing an outfit that makes you feel confident and sexy. Right in your backyard, you can pose near blooming hydrangeas or on a bench. Set the tone by editing that pic with a moody filter and looking at the camera with a somewhat-serious face.

A Romantic Picture Of You Lounging At Home

Some of your best days with your long-distance bae might include snuggling on the couch, wearing an oversized tee, and enjoying each other’s company. This picture will recreate all of those “chill” times that quickly turned into a makeout session. Lay across your couch and pose in all the ways you feel most comfortable — whether it’s reaching your arms up, smiling, or pretending you’re on the cover of Vogue. Send it to your SO with a text that says, “Can’t wait to see you soon,” or, “Saving your spot,” for a sexy and sweet twist.

Being apart from your bae is in no way easy, but finding someone who you’ve decided is worth the struggle really is something special. And while the road ahead probably won’t be easy, doing your best to keep your partner integrated into your daily life in small ways — like sending along a few sexy snaps — will work wonders.

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