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Send these Snapchats to your crush in order to flirt.
19 Chill Snapchats To Send Your Crush If You Wanna See Them Tonight

No nudity required. 🙈

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If texting your crush has replaced writing them love letters, perhaps Snapchatting them is the virtual equivalent of sending a postcard. It's a quick picture, sometimes marking a specific location, with only enough room for a short message. If you know how to Snapchat your crush the right way, it can be the perfect mix of flirty and funny. Of course, there are times when you're not sure what you want to say, but you're super sure you want to hang. In that case, knowing some chill Snapchats to send if you want to see your crush tonight can be an easy way to start a conversation.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, consider a Snapchat worth a million. With captions, stickers, and filters, Snapchat lets you express yourself to your crush visually and verbally. Though, it can be overwhelming at first when you’ve got so many options, so having some Snapchat flirting examples to take #inspo from will help. You want to play it casual and cool, while also presenting your crush with a hang they cannot refuse. Whether you’ve got fun ideas like dollar oysters or casually-on-purpose hitting up their favorite bougie coffee spot, there’s a snap to send.

I literally just went through all the pics I've sent to my crushes recently, so I could give you 19 Snapchat ideas to send your crushes. If all goes well, pretty soon, you won’t be needing to look up how to Snap your crush, but how to Snap your boo instead. You're welcome.

The Gang's All Here!
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Expressing that your friends are the ones that really want to see your crush can be a cute way to ask them to hang. If you and your crush hang in the same crowd, sending a snap of your mutual friends is a super chill way to get everyone to hang out.

Pro tip: Make sure your friends are OK with getting their picture taken and sent before you do it — consent is key!

Blame It On Your Roomies/Housing Situation
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If you don't have AC and you know your crush does, sending something about how your room feels like you're standing on Satan's tongue can be fun too. Whether you're actually annoyed by your roommates or something else in your house or you're just joking, consider asking your crush to give you an excuse to get out of your house for the night.

Where You At?!
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If you and your crush both love the same shaved ice place with the homemade mochi or you've always talked about going to that funky neon museum across the bridge, send them a picture of a mutual interest along with an invite. Mentioning that you're already out with a mutual friend and that they can tag along if they want can add another layer of mellow.

Good Lighting
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If you live for good selfie lighting, you know how important it is to take note of places with the best lighting. If you're currently feeling yourself, take a fire selfie and send it along. Invite your crush to check out said lighting for themselves IRL, so you can look fire together.

I'm Never Leaving
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If you're looking sun-kissed at the beach or you just found the most amazing thrift store ever, send a Snap saying that you're never leaving whatever amazing place you're in. If you're near their house, perhaps they can come join you. And if you're somewhere far away — like the beach or on a hike — you can let them know when you inevitably do leave and see what they are up to later.

Gym Time
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Gym pics can be great ways to show your crush that you're sporty and funny. If you and your crush both like to work out, invite them to the gym while you're there. If you prefer to work out on your own, let them know that you just kicked some major butt and are ready for a major snack. (*Wink*)

Stay Tuned...
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If your boss just gave you an assignment or your mom just called to say she's buying a puppy, sending a "Stay Tuned" Snap welcomes conversation with a crush. Whether you're waiting for the bus, your UberEats order, or your super to come fix your drain, tell your crush to wait for an update. And if you're feeling spicy, tell them you'll give them the whole story IRL — later tonight.

I Have No Plans
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Framing your open evening around doing a face mask or making an amazing kale salad is a super chill way to tell your crush you have no plans without literally saying, "I have no plans."

Obviously, it's OK not to have plans and to tell someone that you don't have plans. A cute selfie, accompanied by a, "Hey I'm free tonight, what are you doing?" works well. Still, showing off an art project that you're working on or the process of organizing your closet can give your crush a little insight into how amazing and interesting you are.

HBO & Unchill
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If you've had a long day or you're just trying to chill, you're committed to your comfy clothes and that is hot. Establishing that you are already deep into marathoning a show can make extending an invitation to your crush seem secondary.

Though "Netflix & Chill" has become synonymous for getting it on — you never need to do anything you're not into. Whether you're not trying to get frisky or not looking for a one-time hookup, it's always OK to say so. If your crush doesn't respect that, you can tell them to HBO Go away.

I'm In The Area...
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If you live on a campus or in a small city, chances are, you may find yourself near your crush's house or work sometimes. If you're in their neck of the woods, send a Snap that you're around. Making a joke about the pretentious bartender or the annoying tech bros at the table next to you can build a commonality.

Of course, you may be the type to secretly go out of your way to run into your crush, but make it look like a total coincidence (aka an accidentally-on-purpose). While it can be cute to secretly orchestrate a run-in, you want to consider your crush's feelings. You never want them to feel uncomfortable or like you're crossing a boundary.

Oldie But Goodie
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Sending a pic of you as a kid can be a super cute way to connect with your crush. This opens the door for them to reciprocate with an equally cute kid picture of themselves. It also allows you to make a joke or statement about your plans for the evening without directly saying, "I'm going to that formal and I have no idea what to wear." (Although sending something like that is OK, too!)

Save You One
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Whether you're eating amazing sushi or you and your crush always talk about hot wings, let them know when you've found some amazing food. Rather than asking them to eat with you, which can be totally intimidating, express that you're already out with friends, but that you're willing to save them some of your food.

Perfect Your Brand TM
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If your crush is actually into digital marketing, they may actually be helpful with #Branding. Additionally, jokes about your brand or getting sponsored by companies you love can be generally personal and funny. If you're super into Carmex lip balm or you don't go anywhere without with your Camelback water bottle, send a cute selfie with your favorite product and ask your crush to help you get that #ad.

Fitting Room
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A fitting room selfie is a super fun way to start a conversation with someone. Whether you send a Snap of yourself in a hideous outfit you would never buy or something totally hot that you're considering purchasing, a fitting room selfie can be fun and silly, while opening the door for questions like "Where are you shopping?" or "What are you doing after?"

Towel Time
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Perhaps you’re into sending a post-shower, still-in-towel selfie. Asking if you can wear your lewk out can be a super silly way to start a conversation and can also open the conversation to what your plans are for the night. A towel selfie can be whimsical but still kind of hot, and your pores will look amazing because you just cleansed.

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Again, rather than directly asking your crush out — which can be super scary, IMO — establishing that you are already going to do something and then casually extending an invite to them can feel less intimidating. Asking a question about your outfit can lead to more questions about what you're doing for the night. If your crush asks where you're going, you can answer with an invitation. This can also be a cool way to show off your room.

Call In Your Fur Friend For Help
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Who could say no to hanging with an adorable pup or fluffy kitty? If you know your crush is an animal lover, use your pet to help entice them to come over. You could even invite them to go for a stroll in the neighborhood as you walk your dog or hang with your cat while watching TV. Let them know you’re down fur a real good time.

Room For One More
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Show your crush you’re saving space for them. It could be an exclusive invite to your pool, or you offering them the other ticket to a special movie screening last-minute. The goal of this Snap is to not only ask your crush to partake in some once in a lifetime fun, but also let it be known that they’re your first plus-one pick.

I Woke Up Like This
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Sending a Snap to your crush first thing after you wake up in the morning or after a nap can be super cute and flirty. It shows you’re chill, and gives them a little taste of what they’d be seeing if they woke up next to you. If you send an “I woke up like this” Snap, use the opportunity to invite them for coffee or to go for a hike to get you going.

When it comes to Snapchatting your crush, you know the best things to say. If you're feeling like a funny selfie or a food pic will hit the spot, you know what the mood is. Of course, if your crush is already seeing someone or isn't super into going on a date — that's totally their loss. A Snapchat may last 10 seconds, but you'll be a flawless angel forever and ever.

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