Here’s how to use Snapchat’s new Cameos Stickers.

Snapchat’s New Cameos Stickers Let You Turn Yourself Into A Cute Little Animation

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Snap

Get ready to spice up your next selfie with Snapchat's new animated stickers. Snapchat is bringing Cameos to stickers, so that you express yourself with an animated version of yourself on any Snap or Story you create. If you'd like to start exploring the new feature, here's how to use Snapchat's new Cameos Stickers.

Snap unveiled its newest feature, Cameos Stickers, globally on Wednesday, Aug. 5. The new stickers are available for both iOS and Android users, and are an extension of the app's previously introduced Cameos feature. The company first introduced Cameos in December 2019, allowing users to put their faces in different videos. With Cameos Stickers, you can star in your own animated sticker to share with pals. You can find over 200 stickers in the new Cameos Stickers tab on the app, and over 20 stickers will be added to Chat and Snaps following the launch.

To get started with Cameos Stickers, you'll need to first open up Snapchat. Once you have the app open, take a Snap and then tap the square Sticker Picker button, which is located on the right-hand tool bar within preview. If you don't have a Cameo selfie, you can head to the Cameos Stickers tab and select "Create My Cameo." After you're satisfied with your selfie, head to the new Cameos Stickers tab and select the Sticker you'd like to use. You could opt for stickers that say "Turn Up," "Party Time, "Check This Out," "Saturday Morning," "Swipe Up," and many more. Once you've selected your Sticker, you can show off the animated version of yourself in your Chat, Snaps, and Stories.

Courtesy of Snap

After you set up your Cameos Stickers, you can also try out Snapchat's new in-app meditations with Headspace. The Snapchat x Headspace Minis feature launched in the app on Monday, July 20 to help users feel less stressed.

Snapchat's new in-app meditations with Headspace are a part of its new Snap Minis experience, which allows users to experience the brand's partner companies and developers without needing to download a new app. The Headspace Minis includes mini-meditations that you can do with your pals or alone, as well as tools you can use to check up on your friends. With Snapchat's new features that help you stay connected with your pal, sharing experiences even when you aren't together has never been easier.