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KJ Apa & Clara Berry's Relationship Timeline Is Mysterious & Hot

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If you’re just starting to notice that KJ Apa's romance with French model Clara Berry is hot and heavy, you've got plenty to catch up on. After going public with their relationship in February 2020, the two have had some mysterious ups and downs, but they seem to be fully committed and in love now. The two have shared several loved-up pics and vids of each other (and their new baby!) recently on social media, confirming that no matter how tumultuous KJ Apa and Clara Berry's relationship timeline has been in the past, they could not be any happier now.

Before getting involved with Berry, Apa was reportedly linked to actor Britt Robertson, who starred alongside him in A Dog's Purpose and I Still Believe. It's unclear whether they were ever officially an item, and considering how tight-lipped the Riverdale actor is about his love life, fans will likely never know. (Reps for Apa and Robertson did not return Elite Daily's request for comment on the status of their rumored relationship.) As Apa told Mr. Porter in March 2020, he likes to keep certain parts of his life on the down-low. "I think privacy is everything," he said when asked about his maybe-relationship with Berry. "I really do work hard on protecting my privacy, my home, my family, the people I love."

But apparently, that doesn’t really apply to his relationship with Berry. Though their full relationship history is still a mystery, Apa and Berry have made a point to share the most important pieces of their romance on Instagram — and their major relationship milestones are definitely worth a closer look.

They Sparked Dating Rumors In December 2019

Fans first suspected Apa had a new woman in his life after he admitted he was "very much in love" during a December 2019 Q&A with Wired. Around the same time, he and Berry started liking each other's Instagram pics, leading fans to believe the model was Apa's new love interest. He even commented on a photo of Berry in a pool in Bali with, "hey wna hang out ?" and she jokingly replied with, "@kjapa no merci thx." (BTW, another pic posted by Berry a few months later suggested the two were actually in Bali together at the time.)

They Became IG Official In February 2020

On Feb. 3, Apa posted an IG pic of himself kissing a woman in Paris with the caption "coup de foudre," which roughly translates to "love at first sight." Though the actor didn't tag his maybe-GF in the photos, sneaky fans eventually figured out her identity.

Four days later, the model uploaded a picture of her and Apa kissing in a (very familiar-looking) swimming pool in Bali. She captioned the Insta with, "J'irai chercher ton cœur si tu l'emportes ailleurs," which translates to "I'll get your heart if you take it somewhere else." She then shared another pic for Valentine's Day of her and Apa looking cozy, which she captioned, "Je t'aime crazy heaps" (meaning, "I love you"). Both pics seem to have been taken back in December, based on Berry's IG.

After making a few more appearances on each other's Instagrams (including a February IG Story of them driving around Los Angeles together, which Berry captioned, "I f*cking love you"), the two ended up deleting all of their pics together. It's still unclear whether this was for privacy reasons or because of a breakup.

Apa Posted Saucy Pics Of Berry In August 2020

After months of speculation over Apa and Berry's relationship status (especially since Apa was reportedly in lockdown with his Riverdale co-star, Cole Sprouse), the actor made it very clear where he and Berry stood. On Aug. 19, Apa took to Insta to share some... well, cheeky pics from his recent trip to France with Berry. The risqué photoshoot seemingly took place in Biarritz, a town on France's Basque coast, and showed Berry in her birthday suit on a ledge overlooking the water. His caption: "There's nowhere else."

Berry shared the same pics on her own IG grid, captioning them, "Seul au monde," or, "Alone in the world," and crediting her boo as the photographer. Two days later, she posted a few more (tamer) pics from the photoshoot with the caption, "True reflection." She also commented on Apa's Aug. 19 post, writing, "Jtm," which is an abbreviation for "Je t'aime," or, "I love you." Whoa, baby!

They Celebrated Their Anniversary In January 2021

Apa and Berry might have gone Instagram official in February 2020, but their anniversary is actually in January. On Jan. 2, 2021. Berry posted a photo of the two of them (and her Pomeranian) to Instagram with the caption, “This year with you baby was unreal. I love you unconditionally, without control and with all my heart.”

And things have only gotten more serious (and sweet) since then!

Apa & Berry Announced Their Pregnancy In May 2021

Apa and Berry announced they were expecting on Instagram on May 19, 2021. They kept their posts captionless, letting the photos of Berry’s very obvious baby bump do most of the talking for them.

But to thwart any potential confusion, Apa couldn’t resist making things slightly clearer. “She’s pregnant btw,” he commented below Berry’s maternity photos.

Fans could not help gushing over the announcement. One fan wrote, “KJ PAPA.” Another chimed in, “It’s going to be a little mini Archie.”

Their Baby Was Born On Sept. 23, 2021

Apa and Berry welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Sasha Vai Keneti, in September 2021. Berry shared their new addition on IG with a closeup shot of her baby’s hand. (So freaking cute.)

”Sasha Vai Keneti Apa, born on the 23rd of September," she captioned the baby announcement. "He is a perfect perfection. I am the luckiest to have now two men of my life, filling my heart with this cosmic gigantic vast love.”

Apa’s Riverdale costars were quick to congratulate the new parents. Lili Reinhart replied, “Can’t wait to meet him... Congratulations.” Cami Mendes also commented, “such a beautiful name. congrats clara!!”

Apa And Berry Sparked Marriage Rumors In October 2021

On Oct. 25, 2021, Apa posted a video of his ~interesting~ coffee routine, which included some of Berry’s breast milk. (Yes, really.) But his caption raised even more eyebrows.

“My wife is a milk machine and I love it,” Apa wrote. Although “wife” could be just a term of endearment, fans started to wonder if he meant it in a more literal way — as in, could they be married?

Berry’s reply, “Happy to feed my family,” didn’t exactly help clarify things. Although she didn’t reciprocate by calling him her “husband,” she didn’t deny it, either.

Still, I’m waiting for Apa to chime in with, “We’re married btw,” to make things crystal clear.

The relationship between these two moved very quickly, but still had its fair share of twists and turns. But I'm just happy to be along for the ride.

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