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KJ Apa's latest Instagram caption caused all his followers to ask one important question: Are he and...

Here’s Why Everyone Thinks KJ Apa & Clara Berry Got Secretly Married

This theory involves — *checks notes* — him drinking her breast milk.

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Since confirming their romance in February 2020, KJ Apa and Clara Berry’s relationship has been intense — and that’s putting things lightly. From naked photoshoots in France in August 2020 to a surprise pregnancy announcement on May 19, 2021, this couple has zero chill, and Apa’s latest Instagram is proof. The Riverdale star shared a video of him enjoying a very unusual cup of coffee (more on that later), but Apa’s coffee preferences were far from the most shocking part of the post. In his caption, he referred to Berry as his “wife,” leading everyone to ask the same question: Are Apa and Berry married?

Apa posted the slightly TMI video on Instagram on Oct. 25. In it, he showed exactly how he takes his coffee — with a splash of Berry’s breast milk. He captioned the post, “My wife is a milk machine and I love it.” (Jaws dropped everywhere.) Now, I could talk about his use of the phrase “milk machine” until the end of time (and probably will), but what really caught everyone’s eye was the word “wife.”

Although Apa and Berry aren’t shy about showing their love off on the ‘gram, up until this point, there was nothing to suggest that these two had taken that next step and gotten hitched. And OK, “wife” could just be an affectionate nickname. But still, neither Apa nor Berry offered any clarification on the caption. Berry simply replied to the video, “Happy to feed my family.”

Cue confused fans filling Apa’s comments section — and, honestly, they had some valid questions. One wrote, “Is wife used endearingly here or did he get married.” Another commented, “what gets to you more? The fact [that] he’s putting breast milk into his coffee... or that he said WIFE.” (For me, it’s a tie.)

Whether or not Apa and Berry got married, it’s clear that the two have a very close bond. It’s not every day you see someone drink their wife’s (or girlfriend’s) breast milk.