From J-Rod To Bennifer
Ben Affleck may have pranked Alex Rodriguez with pizza.

A-Rod Reportedly Got Pranked In The ~Cheesiest~ Way And It Involved Ben

The rumored prank involved several orders of chicken pizza. 👀

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It’s probably pretty tough watching your ex-fiancée move on with an old flame. What’s even worse: getting pranked by a troll using that old flame’s name... when a large order of chicken pizzas shows up at your house. Confused? Same. On Aug. 17, TMZ reported that ~somebody~ using the pseudonym “Ben Afflec” ordered nearly $150 worth of pizza from Bulls Bears & Squares in Florida and sent the order to Rodriguez’s Hamptons home back in June. Per TMZ, it’s unclear how many pizzas were ordered, but the only topping requested was chicken — and the culprit knew A-Rod’s Hamptons address. Hmm...

Ever since Rodriguez confirmed his split from Jennifer Lopez in April 2021, the former MLB star has seemingly gone to great lengths to make it appear like he’s unbothered by Lopez’s reunion with Affleck. In June (just as few days before the reported pizza prank went down), he shared some selfies with his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis, on IG. The following month, he took a trip to the French Riviera... at the same time as Lopez and Affleck. And then in August, A-Rod posted an IG Story about his “big D energy,” so it’s hard to say whether he really is doing A-OK, or if Lopez moving on has hit him harder than he’s letting on.

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Rodriguez has yet to directly address Lopez’s rekindled relationship with Affleck, aside from his shady “Go Yankees” comment. However, according to TMZ, the split has reportedly been “rough on him,” especially since he reportedly discovered Lopez had been texting with Affleck “as early as February,” which was months before she Rodriguez announced their breakup.

Whether that’s true or not, it seems clear Lopez is ready to put her relationship with A-Rod behind her. In August, followers noticed J.Lo deleted all traces of her ex from her IG grid, so reconciliation is not looking all that likely. Here’s hoping Rodriguez is able to move on as well... and that pizza prankster “Ben Afflec” will eventually reveal their true identity.