Alex Rodriguez reunited with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis on Instagram.

A-Rod Reunited With His Ex-Wife After J.Lo Moved On With Ben


Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only one reconnecting with her ex. Alex Rodriguez has also been spending time with a former love in the wake of their split. On June 12, Alex Rodriguez Instagrammed a reunion with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis. So, yeah, the 2000s are definitely making a comeback this year.

ICYMI, Rodriguez and Scurtis married in 2002 and were together for 6 years before divorcing in 2008. The duo shares two daughters, Natasha, 16, and Ella, 13. And recently it looks like their relationship has gone deeper than co-parenting — into workout buddy territory. OK, so that might not sound like the most romantic transition, but hear me out. In a June 12 Instagram post, Rodriguez shared that he had recently completed a 9-week fitness challenge called 54D, and, apparently, Scurtis was a part of his team. Nine whole weeks of sweating together may not be the most popular aphrodisiac, but it definitely brought the two closer together.

Taking to IG, Rodriguez raved about Scurtis’ commitment to the intense workout program, writing that she “crushed it” along with their other team members. A-Rod also shared a few selfies with his ex-wife in the post — and it looked like his arm was around her in every pic. (I mean, did you even reunite with your ex if you don’t have the selfies to prove it?) Beyond the telling photos, it looks like the grueling workout system was exactly what Rodriguez needed post-breakup from J.Lo. And, yes, he started the challenge right around the time of their split announcement.

While Lopez has been spending time with Ben Affleck, vacationing together in Montana and Miami, A-Rod has been busy completing 54D with Scurtis. To each their own (but I personally would prefer a chill vacay). Rodriguez, however, has nothing but good things to say about the past nine weeks. “The real transformation happens in your heart, in your soul, and in your spirit,” A-Rod wrote about the fitness boot camp. “The experience bonded us and made us better as a team.” Well, there’s nothing like taking on a 54-session, 9-week exercise regime with your ex-wife to get over a breakup!

So, Rodriguez’s heartfelt transformation could just be generic commentary about the benefits of this workout program, but Scurtis did play a significant role in said program. And she even helped take care of A-Rod during the challenge. On an IG Story, A-Rod shared a photo of Scurtis helping him ice his leg post-workout. “Cynthia is a world class mommy to our girls … wrapping ice though?!?!?! LOL,” he wrote alongside the photo. Who says romance is dead?

Although A-Rod and Scurtis may not be getting quite as much publicity as Bennifer, they seem to be doing just fine as gym buddies...or maybe something more?