Alex Rodriguez posted a "big D energy" Instagram Story.

A-Rod’s “Big D Energy” IG Story Is… Something

BRB, cringing.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Healing from a breakup can take time — and when that breakup is with J.Lo? I don’t know the exact math, but I’d say it would take at least twice as long to recover. A-Rod, however, seems to be feeling just fine after his split from Lopez in April 2021. At least, that’s how it looks on Instagram. In his latest posts, Rodgriguez seems unbothered and thriving — thirst traps aboard a yacht and all.

But, sometimes, he gives off a slightly different impression. In an Aug. 1 Instagram Story, Rodriguez shared a photo of himself on his way out of the door with an... interesting caption, which definitely left me wondering where exactly his head is at (and whether or not he needs a new social media manager).

“Stepping out with the big D energy,” Rodriguez wrote alongside a photo of himself, dressed in his classic blue suit and aviators. “Determined, darling & dapper AF.” OK, so I’m not sure exactly what all of that means, but it’s definitely a new use of the term BDE (big d*ck energy), which typically refers to that quiet, comfortable confidence that usually comes with a big, ahem, package. Whether that definition extends to feeling “determined, darling, and dapper” is still up for interpretation. To be fair, though, he does look pretty dapper in the pic.


Rodriguez’s Instagram Story went up after his European birthday vacation that, yes, coincided with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s (and included plenty of almost run-ins). Although I could talk about that ~coincidence~ forever, Rodriguez is back in the States now. And he seemed excited to head back to work even though it meant the end of his yacht-filled trip through the Mediterranean. “Tampa bound LFG 🔥,” Rodriguez posted to another slide.

And, honestly, I can’t blame him for being relieved to be home. Spending your birthday on a vacation a few boats down from your ex and their new boyfriend is a seriously rough stroke of luck. Then again, Rodriguez seemed to have enjoyed his party anyway. “I’m feeling so grateful today, not just for celebrating my big day with my incredible friends and family on this magical trip, but for all of the well-wishes, love and support from everyone. I couldn’t ask for anything more,” he wrote on Instagram. “Here’s to a healthy, happy and meaningful 365 days for us all!”

Not sure about you, but I much prefer this sweet message of gratitude to his “big D energy” post. But, hey, to each their own!