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Madison Pettis shares her simple skin care routine, and the TikTok beauty trends she's been influenc...

Madison Pettis’ Skin Care Routine Is Surprisingly Simple

The former Disney Channel star also shares her fave TikTok beauty finds.

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Madison Pettis rose to fame starring in The Game Plan alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but she’s no longer the child star you may remember from her Disney Channel days. After appearing alongside Addison Rae in Netflix’s 2021 He’s All That, the 25-year-old actor has continued taking on more mature roles with the 2022 dystopian thriller Margaux as well as her upcoming spring break coming-of-age comedy Deltopia. Over the years (and through her many roles), Pettis has not only picked up how to cross genres, but she’s also figured out the secrets to a quality skin care routine that works for her with the help of multiple MUAs. Having grown up on sets, Pettis tells Elite Daily, “I’ve gotten to work with so many awesome makeup artists who’ve taught me many different things about skin care over the years.”

Along with picking up tips from the professionals, the Cory in the House alum says her mom has had a huge influence on her beauty routine. “I grew up watching her and digging through her skin care and makeup drawers,” she shares. After attending countless red carpet events over the years, Pettis has her tried-and-true must-haves for a screen-ready look, which include the importance of a cleansed and moisturized base before getting glam. Below, she shares the best beauty advice she’s gotten from set, the TikTok trends she’s been influenced to try, and the prep she goes through for big events, like attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

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Elite Daily: You’ve recently teamed up with one of your go-to skin care brands, Noxzema. Can you walk me through your current morning and nighttime skin care routines?

Madison Pettis: I don’t usually cleanse in the morning. I’ll just use water to wash my face and get any spot treatments. Then, I’ll follow it up with one of the Noxzema Blemish Pads and moisturize. At night, I’ll go in with the Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream to remove any makeup and take the day off. Then I’ll go with a blemish pad again because those are my saviors, then use a moisturizer.

ED: Why do you keep it so simple?

MP: My skin is just really sensitive. Once I find something that works for me, I like to stick to it. I find that when I try to get too experimental and I throw 100 different serums, lotions, mists, and masks on there, it kind of irritates my skin a little bit. It can be very fun to do a 12-step skin care routine, but I always end up paying the price for it.

ED: Do you have a go-to hack for hiding a blemish on a day when you are going to be on camera or at a big event?

MP: The first thing I try to do is not pick at it, because every time I do that, it doubles in size and swells up. Instead, I’ll put a cold compress on it, either a literal ice cube or a really cold washcloth, and hold it down, pressing it back down into the skin.

ED: What’s the best piece of skin care advice you’ve gotten?

MP: Skin care is the most important step of makeup. You can have all the different foundations, products, and powders, but if your skin is not hydrated and happy before makeup goes on, it really won’t matter what you put on afterwards. So, I make sure to do a proper skin care routine first and then the makeup can come after that.

ED: What about your advice for someone who’s feeling insecure about their skin?

MP: When I have a pimple, my friends are like, “I literally didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out.” It kind of helps me recognizing that it’s probably just worse in your own head and everybody has something that they’re dealing with.

ED: You’ve been working consistently since you were a kid. On days where you have time to yourself, what’s your go-to self-care routine?

MP: I sleep in till probably 11 a.m., and then, I’m going to Pilates at 12 p.m. Pilates is my favorite way to work out — that’s one of the best things for my mind and physical body. Then I’m going to get lunch with some friends and catch up before going home to have an everything shower and watch a basketball game with a glass of wine — most likely a sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio. That’s my perfect day.

ED: You mentioned an everything shower. Are there any other TikTok trends you’ve been influenced by?

MP: I’ve learned a lot of different things from TikTokers, like to leave my concealer on for a couple minutes before I blend it out so it’s more full coverage. I have super dark under-eye circles, and I always struggle to cover them up, even if I get 12 hours of sleep. Leaving my concealer on my face for a couple minutes has actually been a game changer.

ED: Have there been any trends that are really out there that you've tried?

MP: I've tried so many different contour techniques because that’s one of my favorite parts of makeup — contouring. I tried underpainting (when you contour, highlight, and/or apply blush underneath your foundation), which is really cool and more natural looking, but I also will do it on top of foundation as well.

ED: What are some skin and beauty products that you’ve bought because of TikTok?

MP: I have these bronzing drops that are from Versed that I love. I saw people mixing them into foundation and using it as a liquid bronzer on top. They’re just so versatile. I’ll even put it on my collarbone, shoulders, and mixed into body lotion just for a little bit of extra glow anywhere. Also, I love the Urban Decay liquid lip color. It’s like a long-lasting, PDA-proof liquid lipstick. I saw girls saying you can kiss someone and it still won’t come off.

The Milk Hydro Grip Primer and Setting Spray are also some of the products I was influenced to buy, and I love them. They are really good for keeping makeup on all day. I’ve been told by makeup artists that I have a face that likes to eat makeup, so those are really good for keeping my makeup fresh for a long time. Also, I love the Refy lip liners. One end is lip liner and the other one is a setter. You put that on top of your lip liner, and it makes it last all day. So, you can tell I’m really into finding things that last. That’s kind of my thing.

ED: Are there any beauty influencers you’re inspired by?

MP: I love Jackie Aina. She’s amazing — I got the concealer hack from her. I also like watching Alix Earle, just because I love watching her curl her eyelashes. And Mikayla Nogueira does really incredible eyeshadow looks. I struggle with doing intense eyeshadows, so I try to watch and copy her, but it doesn’t usually turn out the same on me.

ED: For big events where you have to put on full glam, what is your go-to inspo for those looks?

MP: Whenever my makeup artist Allan Avendaño is like “What do you want to do today?” I’m always like, “I think a bronzy, smoky eye.” It’s kind of my go-to, and he makes fun of me for that. I don’t experiment too far out of that realm often, but when you know what works for you, it’s good to stick to it.

ED: Are there any celebs you’ve seen where you really admire their glam and kind of want to copy it?

MP: Shay Mitchell is always a good one. I also have some old Tyra Banks references saved on Instagram, because I think ’90s supermodel makeup is always so gorgeous. And some Beyoncé, of course — especially her hair.

ED: Are you going to the Renaissance Tour?

MP: I’m not sure yet, but I’m going to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour tonight.

*Editor’s note: Since the interview, Pettis did go to the Renaissance Tour.

ED: What era are you channeling?

MP: I was trying to figure out my outfit. I'm a Fearless, Speak Now stan, but I also love Folklore. I don’t know how that’s going to translate to my concert outfit. We’ll see what I whip up.

ED: Walk me through your prep when you’re getting ready for an event, like the Eras Tour.

MP: The most important thing in my beauty routine is sleep. Then, I’ll try to depuff with some eye patches, a gua sha, or NuFace — something to snatch me up and feel my best before I go in with any skin care.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.