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The American Eagle x 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Collection

American Eagle's The Summer I Turned Pretty Line Is So Belly

The new sweatshirts were modeled by your favorite Fishers.

Courtesy of American Eagle
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If you’ve been coveting Isabel “Belly” Conklin’s soft style since Season 1 of The Summer I Turned Pretty, you can finally rest. As of Tuesday, Nov. 1, you can now match Belly’s crochet crop top energy thanks to American Eagle’s The Summer I Turned Pretty collection. The line features two sweatshirts inspired by the show’s dreamy summer vibes. Both are decorated with vintage graphics and bear the name of summer’s most iconic love triangle-infused TV show. The best part? While you’re checking out the AE x The Summer I Turned Pretty merch, you notice some familiar faces.

The limited-edition crewnecks come in two faded and beachy colorways. The soft cream AE x The Summer I Turned Pretty sweatshirt features the name of the show in a wavy, Cousins Beach-inspired font while the olive AE x The Summer I Turned Pretty sweatshirt has a retro floral design.

Deciding which one of the adorable sweatshirts to buy will basically be as hard as figuring out which of the Fisher boys you want to date. The decision gets harder when you see Gavin Casalegno, who plays Jeremiah Fisher, and Christopher Briney, who plays Conrad Fisher, modeling the new line. The on-screen brothers not only posed in the marketing campaign but also shared their fave AE x The Summer I Turned Pretty ‘fits on their social media platforms.

In a TikTok video posted on Wednesday, Nov. 2, Briney showed off the green sweatshirt by doing the absolute most. From running across a golf course to nailing a kickflip and even climbing over a fence, the actor proved these sweatshirts can handle whatever athleticism you throw their way.

After his impressive feats, he met up with none other than Caselegno. Given that you probably thought you’d have to wait until Season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty to see the two reunite, the end of Briney’s video is an absolute delight.

For his TikTok video, Casalegno filmed himself lounging hard. Relaxing on a couch wearing the cream limited-edition crewneck and a cowboy hat, he couldn’t have looked cozier. The Amazon Prime heartthrob captioned his video, “to whoever is writing my show, I’ve gone through enough character development... can I just wear my sweatshirt and have a happy ending.” Anyone that’s watched the TV show will know that he definitely deserves it.

You may have to wait until next summer to find out what happens to this pair of brothers, but when it comes to the sweatshirts, you don’t have to wait at all. Both cost $60 and fans of the show are guaranteed to love the oversized fit, crewneck cut, and fleecy interiors.

The American Eagle x The Summer I Turned Pretty line is available now on the American Eagle website.