Jeremiah escorts Belly to the debutante ball and delivers 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Jeremiah quot...

45 The Summer I Turned Pretty Jeremiah Quotes For Flirty Instagram Captions This Summer

Raise your hand if you’re #TeamJelly!

Peter Taylor/Prime Video

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of The Summer I Turned Pretty follow. Belly has always had her eyes on Conrad Fisher, but Jeremiah is just as swoon-worthy in The Summer I Turned Pretty. In fact, you may be #TeamJelly like Taylor, and it’s not hard to see why. Jere is such a great BFF, the first to grab the karaoke mic at a party, and he delivers the sweetest lines to Belly. Some of those The Summer I Turned Pretty Jeremiah quotes could even be used for cute and flirty captions on your next Insta-worthy post.

You could even take a little inspiration from Jeremiah on what to do this summer. Attend a bonfire beach party, go for a drive with your bestie, confess your feelings for your crush, and watch a fireworks show on the Fourth of July. Each summer memory you make needs an Instagram caption to go along with it, and these Jeremiah quotes from The Summer I Turned Pretty are perfect for posting. While something like a summer pun is great, these 45 The Summer I Turned Pretty Jeremiah quotes really are for the times you “wanted it to be more.”

Peter Taylor/Prime Video
  1. “Listen, for one, I’m really happy you’re here.”
  2. “I think if you don’t want to be married, you just shouldn’t be married.”
  3. “You want to race?”
  4. “I didn’t even recognize you.”
  5. “Are those pineapples?”
  6. “It’s always a pleasure.”
  7. “Knock ‘em dead.”
  8. “But it’s your birthday, and you’re the main character, Belly, not her.”
  9. “Mind if I have this dance?”
  10. “Hey, Alexa. Play ‘So Pretty.’”
  11. “Who you looking for?”
  12. “For the record, I liked him.”
  13. “All my favorite snacks are gone.”
  14. “Let’s see the art.”
  15. “You guys play nice, you hear?”
  16. “Hey, come on. Let’s go swim.”
  17. “How come nobody ever wants to play with me?”
  18. “Is this one of your solo night swims, or can I join?”
  19. “It’s nothing. Everything.”
  20. “You’re my best friend. There are times I wanted it to be more.”
  21. “And I guess I was just waiting.”
  22. “Do you think you could ever...?”
  23. “It’s always been us. How can you not see?”
  24. “How’d you sleep?”
  25. “I, uh, I didn’t want to rush you or anything, but I would like to eventually talk about what happened the other night.”
  26. “Belly, I’ll always come and get you.”
  27. “No, you’re not gonna get in a car with a guy you just met.”
  28. “Your name is Cam Cameron?”
  29. “Look who came back all growed up.”
  30. “Aw, man. I’ve been wanting to go in the ocean all day, but I’ve been waiting for you to get here.”
  31. “I would love to, uh, take you surfing sometime.”
  32. “Nobody’s gonna want to hook up with you after they see you in this.”
  33. “Take it in, Steven. This is all ours.”
  34. “You look hot.”
  35. “He’s hopeless, but my hangover smoothie — it cures all.”
  36. “Just go back to bed, all right?”
  37. “This is a delicate science, and your heavy breathing is gonna break the yolk.”
  38. “He’ll complain when he’s conscious.”
  39. “So, how come I never see you at the pool?”
  40. “Does your parents’ pool have all this?”
  41. “No, Luke, I’m just equal opportunity.”
  42. “Don’t be nervous. We’re gonna be the best waltzers out there.”
  43. “I’ll grab your hand, and we’ll dance away from everybody.”
  44. “You’re a goddess.”
  45. “Why aren’t you saying anything?”