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September’s Must-Have Beauty Launches Include Pumpkin Spice Palettes

Don’t sleep on this newness.

By Amber Rambharose
Amelie Zilber shares her self-care rituals with Elite Daily in an exclusive interview.

Amelie Zilber Is Living More In The Moment And Less On The Internet

The actor and activist opens up about work-life balance, relationship boundaries, and the wildest TikTok wellness trends she’s tried.

By Amber Rambharose
Ariana Grande in her "God is a Woman" music video, ahead of God is a Woman Body Line launch.

Ariana's God Is A Woman Body Line Has The Same Color Palette As The Music Video

See if you deserve what comes next.

By Margaret Blatz
Keke Palmer, who has adult acne, at the UK Premiere Of "NOPE" on July 28, 2022 with glowing skin.
Celeb Style

Sorry, Keke Palmer, But Adult Acne Cannot Be Cured Using Butt Skin

I have never been more disappointed in my life.

By Margaret Blatz
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Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Treatment Is Here For Your Dry, Sensitive Skin

Ready, set, glow.

By Amber Rambharose

Hailey Bieber's Rhode Skin Is Getting A Whole Restock

Including the moisturizer that sold out in 10 minutes.

By Margaret Blatz
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R.e.m. beauty’s New Concealer Comes In So Many Shades

Like Grande herself, it’s got the range, babe.

By Margaret Blatz

Emma Brooks Doesn’t Believe In "Bad" Skin

The TikTok star is done listening to haters.

By Amber Rambharose

Your Guide To Deciphering (And Treating) Your Acne, According To Derms

Consider this your go-to breakout breakdown.

By Brittany Leitner
Skin I'm In

Influencers Leading The Acne Positivity Movement

*Hits the follow button.*

By Calin Van Paris
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12 Products That Actually Work On Breakouts, According To Elite Daily Editors

This stuff is the real deal.

By Amber Rambharose
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Thinking About Going On Accutane? Read This First

For most people, there are dramatic results. But we need to talk about the little-known side effects.

By Loni Venti
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The Best In-Office Acne Treatments For Melanated Skin

No one should be afraid to see a dermatologist.

By Simedar Jackson

16 Clear Sunscreens To Try If You’re Sick Of White Cast

SPF that protects and serves.

By Jordan Murray
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Tretinoin Is SkinTok's New Skin Care Cure-All, So Call Your Dermatologist ASAP

The before-and-afters are wild.

By Margaret Blatz
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10 Awesome Products Under $15 To Remove Even The Heaviest Makeup Before Bed

They’re like magic erasers for your face.

By Anneke Knot