Sarah Ellis


Sarah Ellis is a Dating Writer at Elite Daily, where she covers relationships, celebrity couples, single life, sexual health, astrology, and online dating. She writes about everything from body language to abortion access to The Bachelor franchise — and she fiercely stans all things Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Sarah co-hosts and produces a podcast called Subtext, where she breaks down listener questions about the language of online dating and texting. She has also written for Greatist, Livestrong, and Rewire.News, and she holds a Master of Arts in Journalism from New York University. When she’s not busy overanalyzing her chat history, Sarah loves distance running, vegan food, and international travel. She’s obsessed with the intersection of feminism and pop culture and will talk about it for days (seriously). You can probably find her in an NYC coffee shop, reading the news while she books a flight somewhere obscure. Follow her work at and her adventures @sarahaellis_ on Instagram and Twitter.

How Long Should You Wait Before Trying To Be Friends After A Breakup?

By Sarah Ellis
How many times have you heard someone try to lighten up a tough breakup by saying, “I hope we can still be friends”? Whether you’ve had this experience personally or one of your pals has, you know that trying to be friends after a breakup can be…