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Your Scorpio Season Horoscope Is About Embracing Your Shadow Side

by Valerie Mesa
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Despite being the spookiest season of the zodiac, the sun's shift into Scorpio goes far beyond its Big Witch Energy. Governed by shadowy Pluto, Lord of the Underworld; the planet of death, secrets, taboo, transformation, and everything that's hidden beneath the surface, your Scorpio season 2020 horoscope is all about embracing your shadow side. Although, with Scorpio's celestial ruler, Pluto, sitting alongside Saturn and Jupiter in structured Capricorn, something's bound to come to light... but at an even larger scale.

On Oct. 22, at exactly 6:59 p.m. ET, the sun wraps up in justice-seeking Libra, and takes a deep dive into the underworld in Scorpio. At this point, Libra's harmony-seeking vibes take a backseat, allowing smoldering Scorpio to take the lead. Keep in mind, this fixed sign's traditional ruler, Mars, is still retrograde in Aries, but will finally station direct on Nov. 13.

Mercury retrograde reenters Libra on Oct. 27, which is the same day coquettish Venus makes its debut in its sign of rulership. Both Venus, and the messenger god, will eventually square off with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto, and this will likely influence relationship dynamics. Mercury will station direct on on Nov. 3, before reentering Scorpio on Nov. 10, so pay attention to your surroundings and think before you speak. There will be a lot of emphasis on news, messaging, and general communication during this time.

As you may have probably heard by now, there will be a rare blue moon on Halloween. Glimmering through the sign of Taurus, sitting alongside rebellious Uranus, so it's safe to say this year's All Hallows' Eve will be more tricks than treats. Lucky Jupiter will join forces with Pluto for a third and final time on Nov. 12, which can be incredibly beneficial for cultivating ambition, and aspiring toward your long-term goals. On Nov. 15, the sun and moon will unite in Scorpio for a powerful new beginning, before luscious Venus inspires the collective to merge with another mind, body, and soul in seductive Scorpio.

Here's what Scorpio season has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: You're Being Challenged To Make Important Decisions

The good news is, your assertive planetary ruler, Mars, stations direct this season, Aries. Although, with the sun transiting your shadowy eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, and death of the ego, there's still some inner work you need to do. With so much action in both your seventh house of partnerships, and your eighth house of intimacy, themes revolving around commitment will likely come up for review.

Taurus: You're Taking Care Of Business Before Pleasure

A freedom-loving full moon will light up your sign this season, Taurus. Sitting with rebellious Uranus, all you can expect is the unexpected. Your planetary ruler, Venus, will also enter Libra and your orderly sixth house of due diligence, bringing a a sweet pick-me-up to your daily sector, which could turn out to be quite inspiring. Although, with the sun shaking up your committed seventh house of one-on-ones, you're likely preoccupied with the value of your current relationships.

Gemini: You're Working Hard So You Can Play Later

How can you do more of the things you love, Gemini? With the sun highlighting your orderly sixth house of daily due diligence this season, there's a lot of emphasis on your day-to-day grind, but with your savvy celestial ruler, Mercury, traveling back and forth through your fifth and sixth house, this is an opportunity for you to brainstorm on ways to alleviate the workload. The full moon on Halloween reminds you to prioritize your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Cancer: You're Feeling Yourself And Everyone Is Smitten

Are you looking for love, Cancer? With the sun lighting up your flirtatious fifth house of romance, passion, and creativity this season, you'll be emanating some of Scorpio's smoldering intensity, especially in the love department. This will feel like a well-deserved break, but nothing compared to Mars finally stationing direct in your career sector. So if you've been feeling insecure about your goals or struggling with the thought of taking charge, the worst is over.

Leo: You're Laying Low And Keeping To Yourself

Take it easy, Leo. With the sun lighting up your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations this season, you're getting a well-deserved break, but it's up to you to take the initiative. However, with Scorpio's smoldering planetary ruler, Pluto, igniting your orderly sixth house of due diligence, taking your mind off work could seem more challenging than usual during this time. Professional themes will become emphasized during the Taurus full moon, so don't overwork yourself.

Virgo: You're Having Important Conversations About The Future

Say what you need to say, Virgo. Easier said than done with your planetary ruler, Mercury, retrograding through your second house of values, and third house of communication, but you're in luck as the savvy messenger god will station on Nov. 3. In the meantime, talks revolving around your finances, money-making abilities, and values are bound to come up for review, especially if you've been aspiring toward an exciting new endeavor. It's time to prioritize your happiness.

Libra: You're Investing On Yourself, Because It's Necessary

Indulge in your comfort, Libra. Your luscious planetary ruler, Venus, enters your sign this season, which always feels like a breath of fresh air. Although, with Mercury the messenger traveling back and forth between your second house of values, and your first house of self, it's easy to overthink your every move. Also, the full moon on Halloween will bring closure and clarity to your eighth house of intimacy, debt, and transformation. Everything is an exchange of energy; don't sell yourself short.

Scorpio: You're Celebrating Another Trip Around The Sun

Happy birthday, Scorpio. With the sun energizing and revitalizing you this season, you're likely back to feeling like your old self again. Mars, your traditional ruler, will also station direct on Nov. 13, just in time to keep celebrating your solar return. Although, with Mercury traveling back and forth through your sign and your 12th house of secrets, there's stuff from the past coming back around for a second look. How can you move forward with confidence and clarity?

Sagittarius: You're Ready To Recharge Your Batteries

Don't put more pressure on yourself, Sagittarius. With the sun shaking up your karmic 12th house of closure, secrets, and everything behind the scenes, you'll likely feel the need to retreat, and take a step back from the chaos. Although, with Mercury retrograding back and forth through this area of your chart and your 11th house of community, you could feel overwhelmed by your surroundings. Focus on finding your sacred space, and don't worry about the rest. Venus will join the sun in your 12th house of solitude soon enough, which always feels like a treat.

Capricorn: Your Sense Of Belonging Is Evolving

What do you aspire to become, Capricorn? With the sun highlighting your 11th house of friendship, teamwork, colleagues, extended network, and sense of belonging in the world, there's a lot of emphasis on your social circles. Although, with Scorpio's planetary ruler, Pluto, hovering over your sign, you're more than likely reflecting on whether or not you feel comfortable amongst the rest of your network. There's nothing wrong with moving on, especially if you've outgrown it.

Aquarius: You're Making A Comeback, But It's Not Going To Be Easy

Keep your eyes on the prize, Aquarius. This season, the sun will shed light on your ambitious 10th house of career, reputation, and sense of authority, all the while Scorpio's ruler, Pluto, shakes up your 12th house of sacrifice. Something's gotta give, so don't bother trying to look for ways to compromise. Savvy Mercury will also reenter your expansive ninth house of education, philosophy, and long-term goals for a second time around, which can help you brainstorm on a new game plan. Slow and steady wins the race. Take it easy.

Pisces: You're Ready To Transform Your Outlook On Life

Everything starts with intention, Pisces. With the right mindset, you can achieve absolutely anything. The sun will shed light on your ninth house of education, travel, personal philosophy, and long-term goals, all the while Scorpio's ruler, Pluto, activates up your 11th house of hopes, wishes, and dreams, which can help you plan ahead, and look toward the future with regards to your personal goals. Also, with Mercury reentering your eighth house of intimacy, commitments, and shared resources, there's an opportunity for you to reflect on your energetic exchanges. What's actually worth your time?

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