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Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope Is As Dramatic As You Might Expect

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Nothing will have you rolling your eyes faster than the words "Mercury retrograde." I mean, you're either rolling your eyes because you're really not looking forward to it or because someone just used Mercury retrograde as an excuse for being late or something. Truth be told, you always have free will in astrology and you should always take responsibility, but Mercury retrograde can definitely be a valid reason for all the disorganization and chaos going on. Gather your bearings, because your Mercury retrograde fall 2020 horoscope is here & it will tell you all about this cosmic journey you're about to embark on.

Mercury is the planet of mental processes, messages, and tricks. When it's undergoing apparent motion, miscommunications run amok, delays ruin carefully laid plans, technology crashes, and people from the past tend to crop up. While it can certainly be frustrating and inconvenient, Mercury retrograde is a beautiful opportunity to get closure and to look over unfinished business from the past.

The next Mercury retrograde begins on Oct. 13 in Scorpio and ends on Nov. 3 in Libra. As Mercury traverses the shadowy, unknown waters of Scorpio, it will help you search through your heart and divulge the deepest hidden truths. It may even be filled with surprises, as Mercury opposes Uranus — planet of all things unexpected — during this retrograde. When Mercury enters Libra on Oct. 27, it will encourage you to settle lingering complications amongst your relationships and your ability to cooperate and understand one another. During this time, Mercury will square off with Saturn — planet of boundaries, karma, and inhibition — would could make you feel extra critical of your abilities. Remain open to valid criticism, focus on what truly matters, and as long as you're trying your best, you're already doing an amazing job.

Here's how it will affect you, based on your sun and rising sign:

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You're searching through your heart, working through whatever may be standing in your way of achieving a deeper intimacy and interpersonal closeness in your life. Take time to discover what may have gone wrong in the past so that you can pave the way for a more meaningful emotional journey.


What recurring themes keep resurfacing in your relationships? What cycles do you keep repeating not only with others, but the way you treat yourself? Take time to think about this and gather the strength to start talking about it. Don't be afraid of starting over. Every single day is a new start.


How have you been failing to take care of yourself? Has your routine brought the best out of you? Now's the time to rethink the regimens you live by and watch how a simple change can bring out more of your creativity and happiness. Each choice you make has consequences. Work on choosing yourself.


What sparks a fire in your heart? What makes you fall in love? What's your idea of romance? You deserve nothing less than fireworks, so let this be a time to rediscover the fireworks that you may be forgetting about. Infuse your sacred space with your idea of beauty, because you're safest when you can be your beautiful, true self.


Issues in your personal life may crop up during this time. You may have avoided facing these issues and pretended everything is fine, but the reality of your feelings may feel too hard to bear. You deserve to be heard and understood, so find your ability to be clear and concise when you communicate your truth.


Are you saying what you mean? Are you getting your truth across in a way that represents who you really are? Don't be afraid of making waves by speaking your mind. Don't let others put you in a box. You're realizing that you speak your reality into existence, so don't pass on opportunities to do so.


During this time, you may be realizing what has been creating instability in your world. You need a strong foundation from which you can grow and a strong sense of self. You'll be rethinking your self-worth and the values that guide you. Stand on your own two feet and remember how the earth is cradling and supporting you.


Who are you? Who have you been? Who are you becoming? These are questions you may find yourself asking and you'll soon realize there is not one answer. Practice acceptance and forgiveness. The world may not always be kind when you set your boundaries and express your truth, but you can be kind to yourself.


During this time, you may be realizing what has been clogging and distorting your spirit. Now's the time to delve into spiritually cleansing and enlightening practices to get back to the core of who you are. Take time to think about whether you sacrifice your truth to mesh with the crowd. You dictate who you are, not everyone else.


You are who you hang out with. The people you surround yourself and the communities you associate with have a major impact on the way you see and treat yourself. Is your social circle bringing out the best in you? Are you being supported in your goals and pursuits? Never let anyone talk you out of your dreams.


What makes you feel stronger? What are instances in your life where you felt strong? During this time, you will be called to work hard and prove yourself, but first, you need to believe in yourself and take ownership of your life. Remember the philosophies you live by and the perspectives that strengthen you.


How do you see the world? How have you been choosing to see the world? Chances are, you've been viewing everything through a tight angle and it's preventing you from seeing the big picture. Make a point of looking at things in a different light. Simply changing your perspective can change the picture altogether.

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