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These Signs Hate Halloween, So Trick-Or-Treating Is Out Of The Question

by Valerie Mesa

All Hallow's Eve is approaching, and if you're not sipping on your warm Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte, then you're probably out looking for a costume. Although, despite the highly anticipated seasonal festivities, these four zodiac signs hate Halloween — Aries, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn — and you'd be surprised to learn why that is.

Before I spill the tea, let's talk a little bit about the astro weather on Halloween this year, because it's going to be interesting. The sun, Mercury, and Venus will be in smoldering Scorpio, adding a little something extra to the Halloween vibes, but it doesn't end there. Mercury, the mischievous messenger planet, stations retrograde in eerie Scorpio at exactly 11:41 a.m. ET, which means you'll be haunted by the dreaded effects of Mercury retrograde all throughout Halloween night. Insert evil laugh here. The moon will be traveling through adventurous Sagittarius, which means it will eventually conjunct its ruler Jupiter. Imagine, everything Jupiter touches only gets bigger, and Sagittarius is already notorious for doing things in excess. You do the math. So tread lightly, y'all.

Keeping on theme with the spooky holiday and astrology, here's why Aries, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn hate Halloween:


Aries: Things Tend To Get Out Of Hand

Hear me out, Aries. Thanks to your hot-headed and ultra-impulsive ways, your Halloween experience typically turns into a big headache by the end of the night. Having a bit more patience would really go a long way in your case. Don't get me wrong, you always know how to make an entrance with your bloody face paint and over-the-top costume ideas, but you also know how to get irritated for the pettiest reasons. #JustSaying

Cancer: You're Not A Fan Of Big Crowds

Halloween is cool, but have you ever stayed in your pajamas and marathon-watched your fave scary movies? I know what you're thinking, Cancer. Why does everyone call you out for being a homebody? As a fellow crabby Cancerian — who loves being in her shell — I can't tell you it's a bad thing. However, I will say, it doesn't hurt to get some fresh air every now and then, you know. Halloween isn't necessarily your scene, unless it's a haunted house party with all of your closest friends, of course.

Virgo: The Lack Of Order Stresses You Out

Trick or treat, Virgo. Having second thoughts about hosting that spooky soirée with your coworker besties again this year? Halloween isn't for everyone, and you are in your right to pass on playing hostess for the third year in a row. It's not that you're reluctant to celebrating Halloween or playing dress-up, it's the thought of having to pick up after everyone and their plus one, like you always do. Boundaries are beautiful. If you're not feeling it, that's totally understandable. Instead, go ahead and make your comfort a priority this year. Your friends know you deserve it.

Capricorn: You Don't Do Trick-Or-Treaters

Let me guess, Capricorn. Everyone needs to grow up? Despite you being the zodiac's very own CEO — not to mention a total boss in real life — you sure know how to be a mood kill. For you, everything feels like an investment, and like a true child of Saturn, your time is precious. I get it, but I'm going to challenge you on that, and say you're too lazy for Halloween instead. See, when you sign up for something, you're signing up to do an exceptional job — nothing more, nothing less. So don't pretend like you're not out here secretly stressing the most legendary costume idea, because you know it's true. The clock is ticking, Capricorn.