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If You're Any Of These 4 Zodiac Signs, I Bet You're Obsessed With Halloween

by Valerie Mesa
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Tricks or treats, Halloween can be a good time for all. Whether you decide to stay in marathon-watching your favorite horror movies, or plan to party at your best friend's annual Monster Mash, it's something everyone can look forward to. If you're one of these four zodiac signs who love Halloween — Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, or Pisces — then it can be even more special.

This year, All Hallow's Eve will certainly be one for the books, especially when you consider there will be a full moon. And not just any full moon — there will actually be a rare blue moon on Halloween 2020. Spooky.

So, keeping in the spooky spirit of this pumpkin-filled holiday, which is arguably the most fun day of the year, here's why Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces love Halloween:

Gemini: You Love Switching Up The Vibes

Who are you going to channel next, Gemini? Despite your reputation for being "two-faced" — which couldn't be more of a myth — you're a multifaceted being with a number of interests. Halloween is another opportunity for you to tap into one of your alter egos, and you do it so well. As a mercurial air sign, you thrive via social atmospheres where you can connect with other minds, and partake in innocent banter. Mental stimulation means the world to you and, well, so does your Halloween costume.


Leo: You Get To Put On A Show

Are you ready to make your annual Halloween entrance, Leo? There's nothing you love more than being center of attention. But, even then, it goes beyond the spotlight. If you're not familiar with the art world — which I highly doubt — then you're a repressed artist. Stage craft and performance are practically second nature to you, so Halloween is simply another opportunity for you to play dress-up. Remember, creativity is your strong suit, so don't dim your light.

Scorpio: You Enjoy The Mystery Of It All

Happy Halloween, Scorpio. Aside from the fact you're officially celebrating your solar return, All Hallow's Eve has always been one of your favorite holidays. If you think about it, the autumn season speaks for itself — in the sense that it's somewhat dark and mysterious — but you can't help but swoon every time you come across something spooky. Your planetary ruler, Pluto, has everything to do with death and all that's hidden beneath the surface, hence, your enigmatic persona and obsession with The Addams Family.

Pisces: You Love Using Your Imagination

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away... just kidding. Or maybe I'm not? You're a magical being, and I'm here to validate your love for fantasy and all things make-believe, Pisces. Truth is, your magical planetary ruler, Neptune — planet of dreams, illusions, and glamour — is to blame for your fascination with Halloween. Although, in the end, it goes beyond your mystical choice of costume. As a child of Neptune, you were born with a wildly vivid imagination, and this holiday gives is just another excuse to use it.

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