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These 4 Zodiac Signs Take Halloween So Seriously, It's Scary

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Some people are really obsessed with Halloween. To these people, summer is merely a nuisance they have to wait through before the spookiest season of all can finally begin. These are the people you catch watching Hocus Pocus in the middle of July. They started the blueprints for their costume as soon as last year's Halloween was over. They'd rather listen to haunted house soundtracks instead of whatever's on the Top 100. They're literally reading poems by Edgar Allan Poe in a way that's not even ironic. They sleep like a baby right after sitting through a horror film at night. Halloween is simply when their creepy, disturbed souls come back from the dead. It should come as no surprise to anyone that these zodiac signs take Halloween a little too seriously: Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

While so many of us may think that we love Halloween, do you really? Do you worship the holiday like demons worship the devil? Did you trick-or-treat harder than any other kids while growing up? How much blood, sweat, and tears did you put into your costume? Living that Halloween life is a commitment. Are you sure you're ready for it?

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Gemini: They're Not Joking When It Comes To Halloween Costumes

A Gemini is famous (or, should I say, infamous?) for their chameleon abilities. They can slither in and out of personas like it's nobody's business. They understand how to charm people and they have fun playing devil's advocate while doing it. Does it surprise you that a Gemini is a diehard fan of Halloween costumes? It shouldn't.

Whether they feel like playing the bashful and unassuming princess or morphing into a horrific and maniacal creature, a Gemini gets so deep into their Halloween character that they deserve more than first place in the costume contest; they deserve a freakin' Oscar.

Scorpio: Halloween Suits Their Cold And Dark Soul

A Scorpio was literally born during the season of Halloween. They carry the holiday's eerie, haunting, and dramatic vibes wherever they go. Seriously, no one understands that Halloween life the way a Scorpio does.

Ruling over the eighth house of death and mystery, a Scorpio has likely been fascinated with darkness, horror, and misery since they can remember. While everyone else is shrieking and crying over how scary Halloween is, a Scorpio is completely soothed. By the looks of their creepy little smile at the sight of something spooky, you'd think they were strolling through a cakewalk whenever Halloween comes around. After all, this is their season.

Sagittarius: To Them, Halloween Is One Big Party That Never Ends

What would Halloween be without the raging and downright relentless party culture it's so famed for? Between banging house parties and Halloween haunts, an adventurous Sagittarius is completely and 100 percent lit.

During Halloween, this rowdy fire sign stops at nothing. There's no maze too terrifying for them to brave, no party they won't attend (not even when Halloween lands on a school night), and the more horrific the movie is, the better. After all, a Sagittarius never says "no" to an experience. What is Halloween if not one wild and intense experience?

Aquarius: It's The One Night Where Being A Freak Is Encouraged

When an Aquarius is known for their eccentric, funky, and peculiar personality that inspires both admiration and scorn, you know that Halloween is probably very important to them.

This zodiac sign is used to feeling like a freak. However, they don't care one bit what anyone thinks about it. At the same time though, an Aquarius tends to have trouble "fitting in." When Halloween highlights how awesome their freakish nature truly is, there's no way their unique characteristics will go unappreciated. They can bring up all their thoughts on conspiracy theories, horror stories, and UFO sightings and no one is allowed to judge them for it.

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